Burnout beckons for female small business leader as nearly half never switch off

female burnout

A survey of small business owners across the UK not only confirms the all-consuming nature of running a small business but has uncovered the differences between men and women in their ability to switch off from work.

The survey by Purbeck Insurance Services, the provider of Personal Guarantee Insurance to small business owners across the UK found that just under half of female founders never switch off – even on holiday, compared to 38% of the men surveyed.

As Blue Monday approaches, deemed the most depressing time of the year, the findings suggest that rather than refreshed and ready for action this January after the festive break, many small business owners have had no break from the worries of work.  People running small businesses in the East Midlands appear to have the most difficulty switching off – 55% said they never switch off from work in the survey while small business owners in Scotland seem the most chilled – just 26% have work constantly front of mind.

For a good work life balance – avoid working in Property Development.  A huge 67% of those working in Property Development never switch off, followed by Construction, Legal Services and Retail.

Purbeck is urging small business owners to find ways to take a break from work and if money problems are the root cause, to seek expert support without delay.

Todd Davison, MD of Purbeck said: “It can be lonely at the top when running a small business and many owners shoulder the financial risk by signing Personal Guarantees to secure funding for their enterprise.  With such a prolonged period of economic uncertainty, it’s not surprising that many find it hard to switch off.  However, it’s essential to maintain a proactive work/life balance. Spend time with friends, family, eat well, exercise and recuperate. Wellness and maintaining a healthy mindset can help to make you a more effective director of your business.