Brits reach job satisfaction at 45 after 8 different jobs

Happy Staff

Don’t panic if you’ve started 2020 feeling like you’re in the wrong role – a new study reveals Brits won’t be truly satisfied with their job or career until they reach middle age, with 45 the average age UK workers are finally happy with their lot.

The study also found the average Brit has eight different jobs before landing the role they are happy in, and experiences four major knock-backs; with the most common stumbling blocks including rejection following an interview, falling out with their boss and being made redundant. This is heightened for Generation Z, with the average employee racking-up five roles before they turn 25.

And when it comes to defining job satisfaction, it seems that Gen Z is more concerned with social conscience than an eye-watering pay packet. A staggering 83% of 18-24-year-olds would be satisfied working for a company that is committed to ‘doing good’, with only 34% feeling that success and satisfaction means having a larger salary than their mates.

But it seems that money does talk for half of  millennials, who measure job satisfaction by having a higher salary than their friends. Flexible hours are also key, as are perks including being able to take your dog to work.

Meanwhile, the average employee spends almost a month privately ruminating about a setback at work, compared to just 21 days celebrating a work success.

A quarter admit they never talk about setbacks at work with their family or friends, whereas one in eight would happily discuss a workplace success. And there are differences when it comes to gender as nearly a third of women feel too embarrassed to talk about their perceived failures with friends, family or colleagues, in contrast to one in five men.

Recognising that it’s time we talked about the trials and tribulations of working life in a more positive light, Indeed has launched a new podcast series that explores how setbacks at work, moving jobs or changing careers can actually pave the way for a brighter future.

Some You Win is a four-part series interviewing the likes of Elle editor-in-chief, Farrah Storr, musician/author, Akala, and ‘S.A.S Who Dares Wins’ star, Jason Fox, delving into their personal and professional wins and losses, all of which have helped them get to where they are today.

Emma Gannon, award-winning author and host of the Some You Win podcast, comments: “Though we’re quick to talk about our successes at work, there’s much more to be learnt from our so-called failures. Exploring the stories of those who have overcome some huge obstacles to get where they are today has been truly fascinating – and I hope each episode of ‘Some You Win’ gives its listeners some valuable anecdotes to inspire them in the workplace and beyond.”

Bill Richards, UK Managing Director of Indeed, who commissioned the research, comments: “Our study shows a real generational difference in what makes us happy in our jobs, and it takes the average person some time to find it.  This is a universal feeling and we need to open up conversations around setbacks and the trials and tribulations of working life. Indeed recognises that it’s these experiences that shape our careers and ultimately pave the way for a brighter future. We hope that by launching this campaign, we can show that even those at the top of their game have embraced stumbling blocks  as part of their path to career success, and inspire others to do the same.”

The study also found that when it comes to the careers people have ended up choosing, a staggering 43% are in a job they didn’t even know existed when they were growing up, such as funeral care, ship repairs and even pet housing.