Boost your career with Microsoft certification exams


Before you finally venture into the world of Microsoft certifications, it is very important to have a clear knowledge of what Microsoft is all about, and what its effectiveness in the industry.

First and foremost, it is very obvious that a Microsoft certification is an industry measure that is acknowledged across the globe. In this manner, majority of the companies hold this credential with high esteem. Hence, they give preference to those who have succeeded in this certification above others. If you truly want to advance your skills and become a professional in Microsoft, then you need to consider different Microsoft certification available courses.

Due to the fact that Microsoft is essential and valuable among other certifications, it offers training materials for almost all its software. Depending on the kind of training materials, the Microsoft offers certificates after which you might have come out with flying colors in your examinations. Sincerely, the exams are offered by the Microsoft Partner companies and their certificates are given by the Microsoft to the extent that you must excel in a certain course for a particular or group products. For instance, there are different examinations for Microsoft Excel Training, Word and PowerPoint apart from the Microsoft office exam which combine all the three previously mentioned tests with other products of Microsoft Office which include OneNote and Outlook.

Apart from these more modest exams, there are other offered courses which are highly significant when applying for jobs. These are MCSA and MCSE. These two certificates indicate that a certificate holder is a professional in the related field. If you want to study for these exams, you can make use of Microsoft tutorials and books, or those prepared from the training in some computer training center.

The Microsoft professionals organized a forum with Microsoft certificates as the center focus. Each of the professionals maximized the networking and the growth opportunities that is more touching in the certification value that was visualized initially as stated by research study. Also, Microsoft acknowledges that such forum is an essential way of engaging with the customer base of the company.

Benefits of Microsoft Certifications

  • Just like any other certification, Microsoft offers you the credential after confirmation of your success in the exams. The examination is carried out online and could be in a certain software or set of software. You can prepare using Microsoft MCSA 70-740 Certification Braindumps which is available on sites like prepaway. In some cases, Microsoft offers certificates for the whole processes carried out at offices. For instance, Office Automation which includes Windows Operating System knowledge, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, OneNote, Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook and Windows networking knowledge. Hence, having a certificate is just to show that you have master in the skills associated with it.
  • With Microsoft certificates your value in the job market increases. Based on the sayings of Microsoft Company, your prospect of getting one of the best job offers with mouth-watering package is very high. Considering the fact that Microsoft Office expertise is highly needed, you will be at the top compared to those who are without the skill of Microsoft related products.
  • There is assurance of high wages for the Microsoft certificate holders. You will earn more than your fellow colleagues without any certifications.
  • Also, the growth of the industry needs the Microsoft Office knowledge, and the companies will like to employ the applicant that is highly suitable for the job position. Based on the research from Microsoft, almost 86 per cent of the hiring managers show that the employees with an IT certification is highly preferred, as well as Microsoft credential is very preferable and in-demand compared to other certificates obtained from unidentified computer training centers.
  • Based on the study from Microsoft, about 64% of IT managers choose Microsoft credentials instead of any other certifications. Three major aspects that offer the better acknowledgement for an individual at the level of bonuses and promotions level are certification, training and experience.
  • With a Microsoft certification you will have an advantage over your colleagues in both short and long terms because it is globally accepted.
  • Microsoft certifications help to boost your workforce CV. It prepares you for a successful future.
  • With this certification you will gain worthful confidence and experience when you prepare from sites like prepaway.

According to the survey carried out by Microsoft, almost 62 percent of the IT companies across the globe want to hire those who have Microsoft certification.

The major reason is that it will give their companies a sense of superiority with respect to the Microsoft product. This greatly enhances the values of an applicant before any organization and management.

Without any doubt, Microsoft certifications can exhibit your proficiency. The exams need you to get acquitted with the depth of the technologies involve.

With the certification, you will be forced to learn more topics you usually ignore.

An additional advantage is the inclusion of Microsoft credentials in your resume, or merely mentioning them during your interview session. Your employer will definitely take notes and add it to your job experience as your solid proof of your skills.

Globally, Microsoft certifications are considered to be the bounty skill indicator, in addition to being besides professionally validating your capabilities. They also boost the prospects for your professional growth and with better salary.

One very good feature of Microsoft certification is to become highly proficient with the product or technology after you are certified. If you are able to put all your efforts to make serious preparation for the examination, stay longer hours to study, surely, you will know the depth of the technology. Putting it into practice, you surely will become a hardened professional.