Reviewed: The Kama Sutra of Work – Book Proves Work is the New Sex

Aimed at those who’ve accepted the fact that they’ll likely be working ‘forever’, Avril Millar’s ground-breaking guide transports confidence and success in the bedroom to a financially comfortable future.

‘The Kama Sutra of Work: Why Work is the New Sex and How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough’ sheds light on a unconventional yet wholly plausible concept that could make any morning just as enjoyable as the night before.

As the author explains, many people’s sex and working lives are already closely tied.

“Most of us apply the same language in the bedroom as we do to our work, we just don’t realise it! After reading my book the similarities will be clear, allowing anyone to exploit them for more fun under the covers and behind their desk,” says Millar.

Continuing, “Sadly, we’ll always spend more hours working than having sex, but the concept I introduce in the book will make both a little more fun and fruitful.”

Stimulating, titillating, enriching and often challenging this book offers everything you might hope from a Kama Sutra. Drawing on a rich seam of sexually related experiences and observations Millar has managed to tread the delicate line between humour & gravitas, fantasy and reality to produce a ‘self-help’ book that adds a whole new dimension to the genre.