Review: Five Essential Ingredients for Business Success

His findings have been published in a book titled Five Essential Ingredients for Business Success, Stories & Lessons From Three Of The UK’s Greatest Restaurants.

The restaurants (all with rooms) granted Parker unparalleled access to their behind-the scenes operations as well as letting him observe their interactions with guests and interview key members of staff repeatedly over a two year period. Parker’s hypothesis was that a study of excellence in any domain reveals lessons that can be transferred and applied to others. Parker’s hypothesis was proven true. Each individual restaurant provided specific lessons and they all the shared five overarching lessons Parker refers to as the ‘Essential Ingredients’ necessary for business success in any organisation and in every industry.

Wayne Hubball, a Birmingham-based entrepreneur, said, ‘This book crosses business boundaries, proving that we can all learn from examples of excellence – even if they come from different arenas to our own. Five Essential Ingredients not only teaches established businesses ways of improving performance and of guaranteeing relevancy and longevity, it also highlights the all-important foundations for creating a successful new business. In times of recession these lessons are particularly important for all. This book is a vital resource for all entrepreneurs and business leaders aiming for excellence!’

The book, published by Ardra Press,* is divided into two parts. The first is a collection of teaching stories about the three restaurants, highlighting business lessons specific to each. These transferable lessons include such topics as: the role environments play in creating influence; the importance of recruitment, selection and induction in creating a consistent corporate image and exceptional customer service; leadership; creativity.

The second half of the book is an equally engaging and thought-provoking discussion of the five ‘Essential Ingredients’. These begin with, ‘Find your passion and then build an enduring cause’ and conclude with, ‘Understand the totality of the customers’ experience and then exceed their expectations throughout.’ Whilst other writers and researchers have written about various aspects of hospitality and catering, this is the first book to use a study of great restaurants to identify the transferable business ‘ingredients’ that are essential for success in any industry.