Book Shelf: The Reputation Economy by Michael Fertik

Your reputation affects large parts of your life everyday. It determines whether or not a bank will give you a loan or if an employer will hire you. There is no escaping the effects your reputation has on your life.

Now, in the age of technology, people have access to all kinds of information about you, meaning your reputation is always growing, without you knowing about it. People can find out about your buying habits, your finances, your professional and personal networks, and even your physical whereabouts – at any time.

In a world where technology allows companies and individuals alike to not only gather all this data but also aggregate it and analyze it  with frightening speed, accuracy, and sophistication, our digital reputations are fast becoming our most valuable currency.

Here, Michael Fertik outlines secrets that has made one of the leading reputation management firms, to show how to capitalize on the trends the Reputation Economy will trigger to improve your professional, financial, and even social prospects.

This insightful collection of life hacks teaches you skills such as which buzz words to put in your CV, How to curate your on and offline activity,  tricks that will get you express or VIP treatment at banks, hotels, and other exclusive special offers and a whole host of other tricks.