Book Shelf: The Commando Entrepreneur by Damian McKinney

Having been a Royal Marine for a number of years, Damian McKinney combines and outlines his military and business skill set to show readers what it takes to be a ‘commando entrepreneur’.

With a requirement for strength in the Marines, McKinney explains why mental toughness is needed to succeed in the business world. The ‘commando entrepreneur’ is becoming an increasingly important role in the business world, and the discipline of a ‘maverick’ enable any businessmen to operate outside of everyday restrictions.

Varying from interview techniques to stories from the military, McKinney writes about the values of being a marine and how they served him well in his commercial life.

Described as a ‘must have for senior business leaders’, this book will help you unleash your inner commando.

This neat compilation of anecdotes is both interesting and insightful, and provides a more gritty edge to the sometimes bland world of business.