The best gaming apps

Mobile devices are considered as the future of new technologies. The growing popularity of smartphones, tablets and iPads is due to their easy use in daily life.

As the devices are constantly innovating, more and more apps are being created to suit their respective platforms. With iPhones and Android smartphones, mobile gaming is now revolutionised. However, on the online bingo sites – Boom Town Bingo and Booty Bingo, you can enjoy a panoply of games on different devices without the need to download any apps, as they are easily accessible on the site. Even on your mobile devices, the online bingo games will be fitted into your display, and you will be able to enjoy!

With gaming apps that are rich in graphics and special features, you can expect a high level of entertainment and a great gaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of the best gaming apps of all times.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

Revisit The Walking Dead television series with the game, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. Set on the Georgia countryside, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a prequel to the TV series. It is a single player one-person shooter video game by Terminal Reality. Get ready to join Daryl and Merle Dixon on their way to Atlanta during the zombie apocalypse.

Fruit Ninja

Ready for some plain fun? Discover Fruit Ninja which is a creation of Halfbrick Studios, Australia. Initially released in 2010, this gaming app is widely played on iPod Touch, iPhones, Windows, Samsung and Nokia smartphones. Until May 2012, Fruit Ninja received 300 million downloads! Later on, Halfbrick Studios added online multiplayer, achievements and leader boards to the app. On Fruit Ninja, all you have to do is slice fruits with a blade controlled by the touchscreen. When the fruit is thrown, swipe your finger across the screen in a slicing movement, cutting it in half and earning points.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Get ready for some action with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, developed by Rockstar North. It was first released in 2002 for the PlayStation 2 console and for Windows and Xbox Console in 2003. It is the 6th instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series. Set in the fictional Vice City based on Miami, it features Tommy Vercetti following his release from prison. After being caught up in an ambushed drug deal, he starts to seek out the culprits while building a criminal empire, thus seizing power from other criminal organisations. Enjoy this game from a third-person perspective and navigate either on foot or by vehicle.

Plants vs. Zombies

Join the fight against zombies with Plants vs. Zombies, which is a 2009 tower defence video game. Enjoy this creation of PopCap Games on Microsoft Windows or OS X. On this game, meet a homeowner who cultivates a variety of plants aimed at preventing an army of zombies from entering the house and eating the brains of the house members. This game received such a positive response from the critics that it was even nominated for different Interactive Achievement Awards.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Meet the birdies on Angry Birds Star Wars, a video game launched in 2012. It is actually a crossover between the Star Wars franchise and the Angry Birds series of video games. It was first created for Windows, iOS and Android devices. Afterwards, it became available for Blackberry and Mac. It is the 6th Angry Birds game in the series. Meet the characters from George Lucas’s double-trilogy, such as Luke Skywalker or Bluebird.

With these top gaming apps, get ready for a great time of entertainment and fun! These are but some of them, however there are yet other great gaming apps that you can install on your device.