Benefits of using electric actuators in your business area


The invention of the wheel gave rise to a new dimension in how we build, move and transport things. This led to the creation of the first actuator in 1979 by Brent Jensen a graduate in mechanical engineering.

So what really is an actuator? It’s an electromechanical device containing a DC motor, which converts rotary to linear movement. The two common types of electric actuators are solenoid-actuated valve and motor operated valve otherwise known as MOV.

Actuator usage is far and vast and isn’t restricted to manufacturing, marine, industrial, robot settings. They have found their way (the smaller version) in homes and in businesses. How then do they fair on in the business sector?

Actuators and your business

Electric linear actuators solutions enable you and your business get maximum profits while reducing costs and keeping employees happy. Whether you are in the farming, manufacturing, and production or just the convention office, there’s an actuator ready to help you achieve your goals, which are making profits. Let’s take a look at how actuators can help your business.


There is currently a global shift in the office work environment and ergonomics work setting. You as a business owner want your office employees comfortable but also productive. The implementation of actuators in your office setting can be in the form of an adjustable standing desk and/or workstation.

What this does is change between sitting and standing mode allowing your employee’s maximum concentration as well as exercise. This prevents your office staff from ‘dozing off’ while sitting and get their blood flowing while standing.


The work environment in the shop setting has come under constant scrutiny in recent years from trade unions. Emphasis is placed particularly on cashiers and checkout staff. This is so because they always stand between 8-10 hours depending on their shifts.

What can be done to improve shop attendee and cashiers well-being? The counters and tops need to be adjustable to prevent employees from suffering from headaches and backaches.

This can act well as you won’t have downtime with employees missing work due to illness or fatigue. You should note that absenteeism of employees in shops is worldwide and causes massive losses.


If you’re a masseur, then listen up! The automated massage table is new – not that new but a sensational piece for your business. It’s just like the traditional massage table but with some fancy features.

What it does is make the masseur’s and client’s experience worthwhile. The muscle behind is linear actuators which, do a terrific job creating a lasting experience. Your client won’t needs to move a lot that is as you have control of the table and ‘the client’ literary. All this is done by the touch of a button or using a foot pedal.


Today’s farming requires brains, not saying that some farmers are dumb but in order to make a buck you have to work your butt, period! You’ll need organizational, planning, animal welfare, and business optimization skills.

Electric actuators roles in your farm can include climate control, precise feeding automation and grain handling efficiency. Therefore, what the actuators really do on your farm is:

  • Improve the feeding process and when you are handling feeds and/or grains
  • Create a conducive environment for the animals in the stables/shed
  • Improves the efficiency of the control systems available

Actuators cover you in the feeding, grain handling, and climate control systems realm.


Way to far from your normal massage. This kind of business requires skill, perception, understanding, and sensitivity. You don’t want to injure or hurt your client and also yourself.

The adjustable chiropractic table one of the linear actuator projects that will blow your mind. Unlike the massage table, the chiropractic table is unique. The patient has back/spine problems and needs to be adjusted.

You as the chiropractor have to ensure he/she is comfortable enough and you won’t need to get them moving about on the table. The actuators role here helps you and your patient achieve maximum comfort during the procedure.


If you’re in the delivery business then actuators are necessary. Why? To get your goods to your clients on time and also load and unload them. They are efficient, fast and silent.

You’ll not only get your job done but your clients will be happy with you. They will be in the form of loading lifts from platform and vehicles. Your employees need not carry heavy loads.

To sum it all up…

Applications of electric actuators are many. You ought to know just what works for your business and what does not. A business is always and risk and in any business, you have to take the risk before you make any monies.

The benefits of actuators are vast and to give you a brief they are:

  • Cost saving
  • Improved employee health
  • And safety

Utilization of actuators in your business area is and should be necessary. Correct usage will ensure you have a profitable and successful business.