Belstaff’s store expansion continues while other shops close around them

Belstaff spitalfields

Luxury clothing brand Belstaff is steeped in British heritage and has been making practical waterproof garments for both men and women since the 1920s.

Today, both the brand’s leather and waxed jackets are iconic, and Belstaff boasts a number of well-known ambassadors that represent their sense of adventure perfectly.

Over the last year, Belstaff have enjoyed expansion, opening concept stores in Regent Street, Spitalfields and Glasgow. These shops all continue the upmarket retailer’s aim, which is to put community first. Within the stores, customers can find swanky coffee bars where they can enjoy a drink while they wait for their Belstaff jackets to be waxed. There’s even the option to have a refreshing G&T.

munich concept store

As Belstaff enjoys growth, many other retail outlets are in fact closing down. Could this be because the online buying experience has come a long a way? Today, online consumers can benefit from the likes of a live chat service, fashion consultants and extremely detailed size/fitting guides.

According to KPMG’s 2017 Global Consumer report, 58% of consumers choose to shop online instead of in stores because they have the ability to shop 24/7, portraying how convenience is crucial to them. This was closely followed by having the chance to compare prices online (54%) and saving themselves time by not having to go out and visit the stores (40%).

So, what’s the secret to Belstaff’s store success? By offering new and exciting ways to shop, premises such as concept stores have the ability to entice customers – providing a positive experience from start to finish. There are no rules to concept stores, meaning that businesses can stay relevant in their respective marketplace by selling their goods alongside whatever they like – communal areas, magazine library or a fabulous beauty department.

Regent Street

KPMG’s report did, however, also reveal that many do still prefer to shop in stores instead of online – and here’s why: 56% of people stated that they want to see and touch an item first, while 55% of individuals want to try each garment on before buying it. Having the ability to take the item home immediately after purchasing it seemed to be an important factor for many individuals too, with 34% revealing that delivery takes too long when purchases are made online.

In order to succeed, it could be that businesses need to be looking at how they can tailor their stores to reflect their roots, while providing shoppers with a space to come together and spend time while they browse new items.