Balancing work and a new baby

Balancing work and a new baby

When going back to work after having a baby, you may experience an overwhelming feeling surrounding how you may juggle caring for your child alongside your everyday workload.

Whilst going back to work and facing your never-ending to do list all the while knowing you have a demanding little one waiting for you at home may initially fill you with dread, it’s important to try not to let this feeling take too much of a hold. Children’s retailer, Kiddies Kingdom outline the best and most effective ways to help you balance your work and parenting life.

Accept help

The entire process of parenting can be challenging at the best of times but even more so if you’re doing it on your own. It is important you accept help when it is offered, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do absolutely everything alone, as this will eventually take a toll on your overall performance both as a parent and an employee. Involving other members of the family or accepting help from friends will lighten your daily tasks and alleviate pressure on yourself.

Taking this to the workplace will also be beneficial, if you’re struggling to complete all your jobs within the working day then it is better to be honest with your boss and ask for assistance as opposed to getting behind on what you need to do.

Arrange childcare early on

When going to work you want to be leaving your child in safe hands, so it is essential that you arrange childcare way in advance to have guaranteed care; the last thing you want is your preferred nursery to get booked up.

If possible, it is always beneficial to have a backup childminder, just in case you are let down last minute, as unfortunately these things can and often do happen. This way you’re guaranteed that you are definitely able to attend the important meeting without having to cancel or take your baby with you, which though suitable in some professions, may not be appropriate in all.

Don’t be hard on yourself

In some cases, it can be hard as a new parent to come to terms with the fact that you must leave your child at home. It is only natural that you feel you should always be with your baby, but down to financial situations that can’t always be the case, so you shouldn’t let that pressure get to you.

Set your mindset to think that by choosing to work, you are providing for your child in a way that will benefit them greatly. Cutting yourself slack, thinking positive and knowing you are doing your upmost best for your child is an effective way to think in this situation.


With so much going on in your life, it is easy to mix both your home and work life unintentionally. When you’re with your baby, whether that be taking a stroll with your child in their Silver Cross pushchair for example or giving them a bath on an evening, ensure you’re focusing on them and appreciating every moment.

It can be easy for your mind to get distracted and think about that email you need to send the next day, but in order to maintain the balance of work and life then you need to train your thoughts to keep them separate.

This could also work the other way when in the workplace, as knowing that you are able to go straight home to your child is great motivation for you to get your head down and get through your work tasks for the day with no procrastinations.


As much as everyone likes to wear a cape, no one is a superhero and can be perfect at everything. In some cases when you are back at work after having your child, some areas of your day to day life will have to slip.

This could mean that your weekly house clean may be delayed some weeks or staying on top of the washing could become difficult, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s only natural that as a hard-working professional you may slow down and to try overcome this feeling, why don’t you choose one thing that is important to you to stay on top with, such as cleaning the dishes on the night and do everything else when you can at more convenient times.

Prioritising will help reduce the pressure on yourself which will help you maintain a good frame of mind and performance overall in both aspects of working and being a parent.