What SME’s can learn from the release of Bieber’s ‘What do you mean?’

Love him or loathe him, it is impossible to escape Justin Bieber. Whether he’s selling out stadiums or appearing in court, the world simply cannot get enough of Bieb’s. Today, however, Justin is in the spotlight for the right reasons. With Belieber’s all over the world waiting on baited breath for the first track of his new album to drop, small businesses can learn a few important lessons in marketing from the controversial pop idol.

Businesses should recognise the importance of having an online presence, and Bieber’s fanbase is frightening. With the second highest amount of twitter followers behind Katy Perry, Justin and his 66 million followers rule the twittersphere. Combine that with another 37 million Instagram followers and you’ve got one of the most famous and iconic celebrities of this era. However, it isn’t the sheer volume of users that is impressive, but it is the interaction that JB has with them. In anticipation of the release of this single, Justin has been replying to tweets on a daily basis, showing how grateful he is for all the support he has received from his loyal fans. Small businesses need to interact with their followers, even if their total of followers isn’t rivalling globally recognised popstars. Consumers crave interaction, and a little recognition from a business will leave any customer with a pleasant taste in their mouth.

Justin has also promoted his new track like no other. With a star-studded list of celebrities backing the release of his new single, the anticipation behind this release is groundbreaking in the world of promotion and marketing. With celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Brooklyn Beckham, Martha Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Michael Bublé and Mark Wahlberg posing for JB’s Instagram, the incredible amount of hype for this new single isn’t surprising. Understandably, it is going to be hard for any small business to get a Hollywood A-lister to promote their company, but that isn’t the lesson here. Justin Bieber highlights the importance of social media, and how it is the perfect platform to propel your business to new heights. Promote new deals, news about your business and plans for the future to fuel public interest and get your business on the map.

‘What do you mean?’ is tipped to be the latest entry in a long line of successful hits and albums for the Canadian singer. With a trophy cabinet which is filled to the brim and a whole host of number one singles and albums, Bieber’s reputation proceeds him. Trust is vital for customers, and the only way to build that is through a solid reputation. Businesses need to make sure their costumer service is fully functioning, and hope that customers will take to their website or twitter and Facebook pages to share their positive experiences with the business. Don’t hide behind criticism, either. It is all too easy to ignore the negative tweets and comments, but businesses should see these posts as an opportunity. Reply to the comments so every other follower can see you’re understanding about their problems and that you’re doing everything to solve the problem.

This is just the beginning for Bieber. The highly anticipated release of his new single is the first track of his new album, meaning the hype will continue to grow and grow. Having released little snippets of the tune on social media, the interest in the song has sky rocketed. This release is going to fuel the hype for the new album, also. You can expect to see album sales soar and for Justin Bieber to become even more notorious in the music industry. This is just an example of why Justin Bieber is the master of creating customer interest. Businesses need to make sure they keep their followers interested with new deals and reward their loyalty.

Following in Bieber’s footsteps is a surefire way for businesses to grow in notoriety. Make sure to engage your fanbase and be generous to your followers, and any business should have their own army of Beliebers in no time.

Charlie Atkinson

Reporter for Business Matters Magazine

Reporter for Business Matters Magazine