Top ways to Improve team efficiency

business team

Every company has a common goal. The goal can only be achieved if all the team members work together efficiently.

The work productivity of the company depends upon the quality and quantity of work produced by each employee. Similarly, the productivity of the team depends upon how well the team can work together, overcome challenges and come up with new ideas. Teamwork is vital for every company to grow. No matter how productive and efficient your team is, there are always ways that you can help to increase the team’s productivity and efficiency.

Enlisted below are some effective ways to improve team productivity and efficiency while being a team member and not just a boss.

Set Realistic Team Goals

Company goals should be realistic and attainable. It is necessary to determine and communicate team goals. Do not confuse team goals with the team tasks that you assign. This is about defining long-term goals, something you want to accomplish in the future. This will guide the team members’ efforts to be coordinated and meaningful. The team should be clear with the set goals so that they can collaborate to achieve them.

If employees start feeling that they will never be able to achieve goals, they will not be interested in working hard. Every team member should know what the goals are, and should also believe that the goals are measurable.

Be a Good Example

Always work harder than you preach. Your employees look up to you, and you are their leader, so behave like one. Lead by example, listen to their problems, give them the solutions, show them you care, that you are a member of the team. Set your goals high, so that your employees also wish to steer towards it. Good leaders encourage team building. Team building will help the employees trust and know each other better. It will also make the team members feel the responsibility towards helping each other. Do the work, know the drill, and your employees will respect you and work towards meeting your set standards.

Offer Feedback and Compliments

Feedback and compliments are essential for the personal growth of every team member. So work towards that. Recognise the achievements of your employees, motivate them to keep up the good work and show confidence in them.

Compliments go hand in hand with feedback. So, provide your team members with feedback on something that could have been better or needs improvement. The only thing you should keep in mind is to focus on your behaviour while you are offering feedback or are providing a compliment. You need to maintain a fine balance of both. Also, try to avoid any exaggeration when you appreciate someone, and it has to be thoughtful and genuine.

Office Traditions

The most-effective way to boost the team’s morale is to have some non-work related traditions in place. You can get them working closely by setting these traditions and making everybody follow them. This could be anything from a mini – vacation, to a monthly team lunch, to corporate away days, to a potluck, anything that gets the team to do something other than work together. These small traditions will help the team members bond well. Which will eventually result in the increased involvement of all team members at the workplace.


Building an effective team takes time and is the result of immense hard work and efforts that the leader puts in together. Increasing team productivity or teamwork does not happen overnight.

Your team wants you to invest time in them, to care about more than the bottom line, to care about them. If you are merely focusing on the growth of your company, don’t expect to have a very productive team, because there won’t be a happy team.