The key to success – building a fantastic team

Guys – you know who you are so thank you! This is not to say that your first employees must all be friends but it’s important that they have a passion for the business and what you’re trying to achieve.
The early team
The early team were with us because of a personal relationship. This drove an immense amount of passion for the business – and this is what got A Suit That Fits fired up. We were all passionate about revolutionising bespoke tailoring, making it accessible and starting a successful  business – this is what bound us. 
We also had a variety of skills in the group that started out with us. The team were passionate about well fitting suits and one team member even had a suit body suit painted onto him and walked around London – showcasing the idea of a perfectly fitting suit. This PR stunt was featured in the Metro, and customers came back for up to 2 years afterwards! 
Although our friends were amazing, it became quite difficult to create the working environment that would take A Suit That Fits to the next level. This led to the inevitable – we were excited to take on our first proper employee – find out how that worked out in the next instalment!