The benefits of learning another language while in business

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Today’s internet technology has enabled businesses to easily expand all around the world, and at the rate at which these businesses are growing, you don’t want to be left out.

With the changing business landscapes, it would be a great advantage for businessmen to learn a new language.

Although learning another language may not exactly be a walk in the park, there are online learning platforms such as Global Language Services to help you accomplish this. Learn about how this learning opportunity can help you and your business.

  • It broadens your understanding of the world. When you understand another language, it allows you to read foreign books, newspapers, and magazines, or watch foreign TV programs and movies, which will widen your perspective of new places. Learning about new cultures and languages will help you better understand their people and what or what doesn’t work for them.
  • It lets you experience a new culture. Learning a foreign language is like opening a box full of surprises, and one of them is the chance to understand a new culture. This experience will enable you to look at things from a different point of view and let you connect with other people across the globe. It might be helpful for your business to know what’s fashionable in a certain culture, including their styles, music, and traditions. This will also add to your personal growth while you learn to appreciate things you may not have known before.
  • It improves your networking skills. Learning a foreign language will help you become more aware of other cultures, thereby making you more flexible and open to other people’s opinions and actions. You can swiftly move across different groups of people and easily make connections. The ability to network is a crucial skill in expanding a business and this ability can be enhanced by learning a new language. It expands your horizons and your ability to connect to new people, which can be helpful in bringing more opportunities for your business.
  • It improves your chances of traveling and expansion. Although there are modern tools to help you go around a foreign place without learning their language, it’s a different story when you know how to speak with the locals. Learning Spanish, for example, improves your chances of considering an expansion to more than 20 countries, which speaks the language. A new language introduces a chance to bring your business abroad.
  • It makes you feel more empowered. Because learning a new language is not simple, it is considered an accomplishment, which gives you a feeling of empowerment. It makes you feel more confident about yourself, knowing that you can easily communicate with a new group of people.
  • It improves your multitasking skills. Multitasking is a vital skill for people in the business world. In a study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University, bilingual people were found to better handle multiple tasks simultaneously compared to monolingual people.
  • It improves decision-making skills. If you find it difficult to make your mind up over varied choices, learning a foreign language might make you more decisive. This research suggests that speaking a foreign language makes people more utilitarian by taking emotion out of their decision-making.
  • It helps boost self-confidence. Whether you are the boss or an employee in the business world, being self-confident already gives you an edge over others who think of themselves poorly. The ability to speak a new language builds you self-confidence, making you more convincing and resilient to others.
  • It enhances your creativity. While learning a foreign language, you will be forced to look for alternative terms when you can’t find the correct term you’re looking for. Doing this will improve your creativity while experimenting with new phrases and words. Creativity can significantly affect your business as you learn to think of new solutions or business strategies.
  • It helps enhance your memory. In learning a new skill, you use your brain constantly, which results to better memory. Learning a foreign language works out your brain more often, making it more effective in storing new information. Your strong memory can also help in your business, especially in communicating with people or your employees.
  • It helps delay Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Another benefit of being bilingual is better development of brain areas that handle attention and executive functions, which is found to protect you from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Final Thoughts

Learning a second language primarily helps you to open up to the traditions and culture of other people. This new perspective may be what you need to widen your business opportunities that are otherwise beyond your reach. Despite the difficulty, the rewards you can reap for yourself and your business are immense.