Taking the headaches out of eye care

Posing a serious health risk for employees, thousands of working days are lost each year through Computer Vision Syndrome, a form of RSI of the eyes, resulting from sitting in a fixed position, often with the head at an unnatural angle, and looking at a screen for several hours each day.

Increasingly recognised as a problem of the modern working world, the resulting lost working days can be greatly reduced with regular eye care and correctly dispensed glasses.  Every employee is entitled to eye care funded by their employer and appropriate glasses which can solve many of the problems of long hours at the computer.

Occupational lenses and lightweight frames encourage the head to be held in the correct position, rather than the crooked neck angle, which can restrict blood supply.  As well as picking up a host of potential health problems, regular eye examinations will ensure that your team is enjoying the very best of vision.

ASE Corporate Eyecare’s EyecarePlans removes many of the barriers to providing your team with good eye care.  The 20 year old company provides a network of independent, approved, opticians around the country for your team to visit, allowing them to enjoy a thorough eye examination and corrective spectacles, if needed, that are required for their working day.

The Health and Safety Executive’s regulations for Display Screen Equipment (DSE) clearly states that vocational glasses, including those with single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses, should be provided for those who need them.  Special mention is made in the regulation for those who intersperse their display screen equipment work with dealing with people at a different distance, where a multifocal lens might be a solution.

EyecarePlans works with more than 2,000 independent UK opticians to look after the eyecare needs of more than 500,000 employees each year.  A strong track record in supporting public sector organisations, EyecarePlans partners’ include Defra, The Environment Agency, The Department for Work and Pensions and HM Treasury and commercial organisations such as Barclays Bank.

Taking the headache out of eyecare, the scheme takes away the onerous administrative burden that employers usually face.

To find out more logon: www.eyecareplans.co.uk