Start 2020 in Style with an Engagement

Engagement Rings

If you are bringing in the New Year with someone special, then why not show them how much you care by buying them an engagement ring?

There are so many shapes and styles to choose from, and sometimes the whole thing can become overwhelming, very quickly. Luckily, if you follow this guide, you should easily be able to make a confident choice that will put an instant smile on your partner’s face.


There are so many different types of engagement ring available. They range in popularity as well. If you have never even looked at an engagement ring before, then some of the most popular styles can be found below.

Solitaire Ring

This is quite possibly the most popular choice. The ring will usually consist of a slim band that has a single stone in the centre. This is a classic style of ring that never dates in terms of style. It’s possible for a radiant cut engagement ring to come in various styles, including solitaire or halo, so if you like this option then there are numerous designs to choose from.

Halo Ring

The halo ring has a central stone, but it’s also surrounded by lots of smaller diamonds. This creates a look of indulgence but at the same time, it’s also very contemporary as well.


A cluster engagement ring has a collection of various diamonds. This creates a look that is striking and lavish.

Trilogy Rings

Engagement rings that come with three stones are otherwise known as trilogy rings. They have a triple meaning, as each one of the stones represents the future, past and present.

Side Stone

The side stone engagement ring is another very popular option. The ring has a single stone in the middle, with smaller stones at either side. This adds extra sparkle but the overall design is still very simple. If you want elegance without having something that looks too plain, then this is easily one of the best options that you could go with.


Engagement rings not only come in different designs, but they also come in different metals as well. If you want a more traditional metal, such as gold then you should opt for a yellow gold engagement ring. If you’d rather go for a more contemporary choice then white gold would certainly be the way to go. This metal is timeless and when it’s mixed with other gold or metals, it still looks fantastic. Platinum on the other hand offers a very similar appearance to white gold, but it’s much more durable.

Stone Styles

When you have settled on the setting and the metal you want- it’s then time for you to consider your other half’s preferred stone style. Would they like a ring that comes with a lot of diamonds? Or would they prefer something with brightly coloured gemstones? An engagement ring doesn’t always have to be limited to diamonds, in fact, there are plenty of other styles you can choose from.

Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are easily the most popular choice and it’s also a timeless classic. Diamonds shine beautifully under the right light and it’s the ideal choice if you just don’t know what your partner likes in terms of jewellery.


If you know that your partner prefers something with a bit more colour, then sapphire could certainly be the way to go. A sapphire engagement ring is one way for you to make a statement, not to mention that the stone represents sincerity and faithfulness.


Morganite engagement rings have exploded in terms of popularity. They are a great diamond alternative too. The stone is pale pink in colour and it makes a fantastic engagement ring to say the least. This option is much more suited to those who want to opt for a rose gold band.


Aquamarine stones are also very popular. They offer a much more subtle appearance when compared to sapphire and they are also known for having a nice level of depth.


Nothing says love more than a regal ruby. It’s beautiful when you combine it with a white or even yellow gold, not to mention that it also symbolises passion.


Emerald is a sought-after option that is ideal if you’d like a modern-day ring. The bold green is known for representing love and this makes it the ideal token of appreciation if you feel as though you are ready to pop that big question.

So, even though there are so many rings available, it’s never been easier for you to make your choice.