How to set goals you’ll actually achieve

1. Find a Real Challenge

Make your goal compelling and achievable–yet challenging. Brilliant minds need a challenge; otherwise boredom will set in and your plan will fall to the wayside. State your goal in writing.

2. Stick to Positive Emotional Connectors

Make a list of the positive things that will result from achieving this goal. Stay away from subtly negative statements like “I will worry less.” Dig for things that excite you. Your outcome must be something that you look forward to with great anticipation and enthusiasm.

3. Create a Vision Board

Find compelling images that represent your outcome. If an increase in revenue means that you can take a family holiday, find images of where you would like to go. If it means that you will have the budget to work with a distributor who has connections to your ideal clients, find images of your prospect’s logos or storefront. Cut your images out and glue them onto a poster or piece of paper. Congratulations! You have just created a vision board!

4. Share

Bring others into your vision by sharing your vision with employees and others who are critical to achieving company goals. Help them to connect to it as well. Ask them what these goals mean to them and what exciting outcome they can attach to the vision. Share this exercise with them and encourage them to create a vision board too!

5. Have Patience

Now it’s time to allow the process to do its magic. Make time to contemplate your vision board and feel the rewards associated with achievement. Do this daily. The more passionate you feel about your outcome the more driven you will become.

Make sure to recognise every small step that takes you closer to your desired outcome. Entrepreneurs often dismiss these achievements. Celebrate them! Recall the passion that brought you to this business–and reconnect with it often.