Recruitment: Make sure you hire the right candidate

Hiring a new employee can be an expensive process. Recent studies have shown that on average companies spend £5,000 recruiting a new employee. This cost can also increase with the seniority of the position.

Small and medium sized businesses feel the cost of employment more than most. Interviews take time and cost money, not to mention the internal paperwork and possible training involved. Your new employee might turn out to be a God send and well worth the investment, but what if after a few months, an unsuitable employee starts disrupting others, bullying colleagues or costing your company money? There may also be re-training costs to incur or the employment process has to start all over again due to a candidate lying on their CV; something one in five is now said to do.

Employees are key to your company’s reputation; it can takes years to develop a trusted brand and name, but just seconds to destroy it. With the hiring process being so costly, it is important you hire the right person, the first time around.

What you can do to make sure the right candidate is hired

1.Make sure they are the right fit
Sometimes it is easier to improve a person’s skill sets than their attitudes. Training can always be taken in order to develop skills that are important for the position. It is important to employ someone who shares the same values, will fit in to the working culture and its existing employees, and possesses the enthusiasm and passion for the company and position.

2.Use a pre-employment integrity interview
A candidate may have all the desired skills and come across well during interview, but can you ever be fully aware of their hidden characteristics? A penchant for committing dishonest or criminal acts, or exhibiting counterproductive behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse can easily be hidden at recruitment stage and if employed the staff member may need to be replaced at great cost. An online pre-employment interview that focuses on integrity will help ensure you select the most appropriate candidate for interview stage. This will help to eliminate potential unsavoury characters or highlight any areas that you may like to elaborate on during the interview. IntegriTool is a pre-employment integrity interview and is a great investment into the most suitable candidate.

3.Check references
Knowing that one in five people will lie on their CV, it is important that references are contacted and qualifications are checked. The lie could be anything from a slight exaggeration of skills, to a complete fabrication of employment and educational history. Either way, you may have to invest even more money in training your new employee to get them up to speed, or maybe even look for a new employee.