Mobile Apps for a Healthy Work Life Balance in 2016

Achieving the perfect balance between work and play is something we all strive for, but few manage to attain anything like an ideal equilibrium between the two.

Amid the stress of work, household chores and raising children, there’s often little time left to pursue the things we want to do — be it going to the cinema, eating out or even travelling the world.

With the start of the New Year just weeks away, now’s the time when many people pledge their allegiance to a handful of New Year’s resolutions. But rather than sticking to a fad diet or promising to be less stressed when January comes around; we think the following the mobile apps could help you live a happy, healthy and generally more balanced life in 2016.


If you want to oversee your life with military precision, Trello lets you keep all aspects of life in check through the use of digital boards and cards. By assigning different tasks to individual boards, you can keep track of on-going projects from start-up to completion — perfect for the busy SME whose life is a veritable whirlwind of meetings, deadlines and events. 


Whether you spend a lot of time on the road or find it hard to think of things to do during moments of downtime; AroundMe lets you find nearby services and amenities at the touch of a button. Perfect for those that regularly find themselves in new, unfamiliar places on business; the app is great for finding places to eat, sights to see or even somewhere to nip to the loo.


Paying bills and managing your finances is without question one of the most time-consuming and troublesome of monthly errands; if only there was an app that could make it a little easier. Enter Mint, an intuitive money-management tool that lets you pay bills and monitor all of your accounts from one secure, remote location. 


Take life-organisation to a whole other level with the Evernote app. With a tagline like ‘The workspace for your life’s work’, this incredible app is full of carefully considered features that can help streamline those niggling daily tasks. It’s great for smaller things too, and has a handy list feature that’s ideal for grocery shopping. 

The Dry Cleaner App

Juggling a hectic work and social life is difficult enough, and that’s without accounting for those tedious household chores — like doing the laundry. Download The Dry Cleaner App, however, and you can find local laundry care services in your area at the touch of a button — so you can make that stack of dirty clobber someone else’s problem.


During the lifespan of the average commuter, they’ll spend around a year’s worth of time stuck in traffic — a truly depressing statistic. If you want to avoid wasting time in queues, download the Waze App and find an alternative route that’ll see you home safe and sound in a jiff.

Couch to 5K

Forget expensive gym memberships and exercise equipment; if you want to get fit, download the Couch to 5K app. The premise of this app is simple: through a strict exercise regime, you’ll be able to successfully run 5km in a finite amount of time. The great thing about the app is that the runs are fairly short, so you can fit them into your hectic daily schedule. 


Packed with thousands of quick and easy recipes, BigOven is a useful app to have on those days when you need to eat but can’t think of anything to cook. No matter what your dietary requirements or budget, this comprehensive recipe and cookery app is sure to have some quick dishes to suit your taste buds.