Marketing solutions for small businesses



There are many ways that a company can undertake marketing, but many small firms look at the marketing activities of major or established companies and wonder how they can ever compete with the larger firms in their industry or local area.

There is no denying that bigger firms with a larger budget and an established platform for their brand can undertake effective marketing strategies, but there is no barrier to marketing – and there is certainly no barrier to achieving success with marketing. Money can be a factor but only if it is used correctly, and small firms can copy the marketing methods used by larger companies and use these activities as the platform for their own marketing work.

Some of the methods that larger companies use when marketing include:

  • Researching who their audience is, and then providing content aimed directly at these users.
  • Developing a brand and marketing according to these brand values.
  • Offering video content or interactive content that engages the audience.

These are three fantastic ways to market a product or company, and thanks to technology, small businesses can undertake these marketing methods. The development of the internet has levelled the playing field when it comes to market research, developing a brand and offering engaging content. This means that small firms that understand their market and what people want from them can create content that is as effective as that of firms with huge budgets.

 Social media platforms help firms reach their audience

The emergence of social media sites has had a huge impact on how firms market themselves. There is a chance to speak directly to their audience, and companies can obtain instant feedback while learning more about the interests of their users. Social media advertising also allows for demographic-based advertising, allowing firms to reach out to people of a certain age, in a certain location and with certain hobbies or interests.

People access the internet in different ways, and the use of mobile phones and smartphone technology is altering how users engage with firms. There is a growing use of apps, which means that some users are bypassing websites and are using more robust and reliable platforms to engage with friends, associates and families.

These apps have sets of users that are highly attractive to small businesses, and smart companies are creating adverts for these apps, showcasing their products or services directly to the people they want to reach. Working with service providers such as Veoo is enabling small businesses to create tailored and focused adverts that are placed directly in front of the people that these firms want to reach.

Some small businesses will look at the marketing budget and reach of major firms and think that there is no way to compete, but that is not the case. Emerging technology allows small firms to compete effectively, engaging their audience in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner.