How to use your time at home wisely – get your affairs in order and save money

Financial Planning

Whilst in government lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those seeking constructive ways to fill their time can look at getting homes, businesses and finances in order, with help from legal experts.

From remortgaging, to progressing a house sale ready to move, to sorting personal and business wills, and preserving brand identity, the experts at JMP Solicitors have shared top tips for making the most of the time at home, to ensure that once lockdown is lifted, you can be in a better position all-round.

Ian Howard, managing director at JMP Solicitors, said: “In these unprecedented times, many of us have extra time at home during government lockdown, and while the situation is largely negative, there are certain aspects within your control such as spending the time constructively to ensure that your affairs and businesses are in better order.

“Many legal companies are still running normally while working remotely, and we are well equipped with the latest technology to ensure all cases and enquiries are dealt with personally via telephone or video call. Getting your personal and business affairs in order are some of the many ways to ensure peace of mind and to help you get back on your feet when things return to normality.


“Our conveyancing, wills and commercial law teams specialise in helping with all manner of services to help you move forward, whether it’s starting the sale of your home, remortgaging, sorting a personal or business will or lasting power of attorney to protect families and businesses in the event of the worst.”


Ever thought of remortgaging? If you have extra time on your hands it could be a good idea to get the ball rolling. Whether you’re looking to save money or have changed to a different financial product to suit your current situation – the conveyancing team at JMP are experts in all mortgage matters and can provide you with valuable advice.

Get ready to sell

With government restrictions in place, it’s best to use your time in lockdown to get your property market-ready for a sale. From choosing a trusted legal partner to start the conveyancing process, to choosing a trusted agent and sprucing up your home where possible by completing all DIY projects – there is plenty that can be progressed during lockdown, so you are ready to fly as soon as restrictions are lifted. Once you are ready, the team at JMP will be able to guide you through the process smoothly.

Get your will sorted

Making a will can be complicated but with the right legal advice to guide you through the process it is certainly worthwhile. Three out of five people in the UK don’t have a will, with many hindering factors being; they feel they are too young, prefer to leave it to chance, or are vexed by the complicated process of wills. It’s always an important time to get personal wills in order, so you can have peace of mind that your wishes have been respected, your estate and assets will be in good hands and your loved ones looked after. JMP has a dedicated wills team that will handle the full process sensitively and seamlessly.

Get a business will sorted

It’s extremely important that business owners have a business will in place, to take care of everything in the unfortunate circumstance of their demise. A business will can ensure that a business continues to be managed correctly, and it can provide financial stability for the future and a smooth transition for employees. Without a will in place, it is left to chance who will inherit the business from you following your passing, but with a business will you can detail who will take over the ownership of the business and the management, allowing existing shareholders within the business control. 

Protect your brand identity

Business owners striving to preserve their brand and intellectual property whilst avoiding infringement of third-party trademarks, can use any free time that they have in lockdown wisely. Carrying out a trademark search, registering brand names in every country and looking into logo copyright protection are just a number of ways that you can look to protect your brand. The commercial law experts at JMP are well equipped to handle any enquiries about intellectual property and can provide advice on the best avenues of brand protection for you.