Guide to staying focused

Everybody gets distracted and as the days get longer and sunnier it can be hard to focus and concentrate on what you should be doing without planning the next bbq or holiday.

Follow these top tips to get your focus back!

Keep to a routine
It may sound dull but a routine is great way to keep focus. Whether you work in an office or from home make an effort to get started at the same time each day. Plan in time each day for lunch and breaks etc and stick to them.

Multitask less
It may seem like an efficient use of your time and through the day there are occasions when its necessary. However, when your multitasking your not giving a task your full concentration. Where possible switch off the phone or log out of your emails and concentrate on what your doing, you’ll get the task done quicker and chances are to a much better standard!

Avoid distractions
In the world of social media its easy to get distracted through the day, but it can be a huge waste of time even if it is a welcome distraction from work! Avoid logging on until you’ve completed all your important tasks for the day or get to one of your breaks.

Get away
Just because you have lots to do it doesn’t mean you have to spend 8 solid hours at the computer. Stick to your schedule and get away from your desk.

Everything becomes clearer when you just relax. Take a step back and look at what is and isn’t working rather than just carrying on at 100mph.