Gain an extra member of staff for your business

The FPB unveiled its new structure, which chief executive Phil Orford hopes will help its members with “every aspect of running an SME”.

“Like any other small business, the Forum is adapting to fit in with a changing market,” he said this morning. “We’ve entered a new economic era and, in order to reflect that, we’ve made some important alterations.”

The FPB’s new structure aims to offer owner-managers support across every aspect of business. Its new solutions are: ‘Finance Director’, ‘Legal Director’, ‘HR Director’, ‘Health and Safety Director’, ‘Development Director’, ‘Purchasing Director’, etc

The organisation will be structured along these lines – along each role – offering services and help in every function.

“For a modest annual fee, even the smallest of businesses can call on all the back office resources of a multinational company,” Orford explained.

While we’re generally pretty sceptical about how effective a business restructure can be on a business, the FPB’s new model might just work. After all, which small business can employ senior managers which are experts in finance, HR, legal, etc? It’s almost always beyond the financial means of most small companies.