Five things businesses should consider outsourcing


To save time and money, businesses outsource tasks so that they can focus on their core business strategy and everyday jobs.

Here are five things that a lot of businesses usually outsource rather than getting someone in-house:

Digital Marketing

Every business thinks that they can market themselves correctly and are doing everything that they possibly can to stand out and appear in Google. However, those that work in digital marketing agencies are trained specialists in PPC, SEO, PR, social and content.  Hiring in-house for each of these areas will likely be more expensive, and these individuals may not be as clued up as someone that does digital and social media marketing on a day-to-day basis.

Call Centre Services

Outsourcing from a specialist contact centre business such as Connect Assist, helps release business resources and delegates the recruitment, HR, payroll support and management for what generally represents a sizeable number of staff. Offering 24/7/365 cover and with necessary focus on client brand representation and CRM systems, their staff are carefully trained to ably represent their clients and shoulder the considerable responsibilities of today’s multi-channel customer communication environment.

Web Developers

Creating and setting up a business website will appear easy, some may say, and inexpensive. However, there are many reasons why a business, no matter how big or small, should consider outsourcing their web developers. As experts, they will know exactly what they’re doing and will be able to give you exactly what you want. Consequently, it will allow you to focus on the daily running of your business rather than making time-consuming amends and maintenance to your website.

Health and Safety

Health and safety in a business is often overlooked and doing something wrong may result in severe company costs, whether this is by labour or by capital. The cost of employing someone to work for your business full-time in the health and safety department may be prohibitive for a business.  However, outsourcing health and safety management may be a better option. These managers will be fully equipped with legal knowledge, know exactly what safety signs to put up and when and will be able to help with any future health and safety arrangements in the workplace.


Most HR professionals will say that one part of their role that they dread most is sorting out the monthly payroll.  It needs close attention to detail and requires a lot of time to be inputted each month. Those that work in payroll every day know everything there is to know about tax laws and the regulations around pay, so it minimises risk to the business. Of course, HR professionals should know this too, but having other areas of the business to focus on may mean that they aren’t quite as knowledgeable about this specific area.