Fears that can arise over running a business


For many this has worked out and they have enjoyed high levels of success. In fact, figures from data research company Duedil showed that between 2006 and 2014 there was an amazing 70+ percent increase in the number of younger people starting a business

However, there is no doubt that with the number of things that have to be taken into consideration running a business can seem like a daunting prospect for people of all ages. This is why some people that may have an interest in running their own business decide to steer clear and stick with employment, as many do not want to have to cope with the risks that becoming a self employed business person can bring.

So what are people so nervous about?
Well, there are many fears associated with starting and running a business, as there are always some risks involved. The security of being paid on a set date every week or month goes out of the window and you suddenly find yourself having to take responsibility rather than having a boss that does that. Some common fears include:

  • Having no idea where to start: Some people fear starting a business because they simply have no idea where to start. However, this is something that can be overcome in a number of ways. There is plenty of information online to help those looking to start a business and you can even get advice and you can even get help from places such as the Money Advice Service. All of these resources should help you to take those first all-important steps when it comes to starting your business.
  • Finances: Another major hurdle for some people is how they will fund a new business, as not everyone has capital available to invest. Again, there are a number of grants that are offered by the government that may help or you can approach your bank with a business plan to see whether they would be able to offer you any sort of finance to help get your business off the ground.
  • How to market the business: Some people simply don’t have marketing skills or experience, and this can also put them off starting a business. However, in today’s digital age marketing has become far easier, as you can use your website, blogs, and social networking as a means of marketing as well as more traditional means. You can even set up promotions such as discounts that can be offered through places such as VouchaCodes. A variety of businesses and retailers already do this, as can be seen when looking at the range of VouchaCodes stores, and this is an effective means of encouraging new custom.
  • Fear over lack of success: Fear that the business will fail is a major stumbling point, as people don’t want to disappoint their families, be left in debt, and be left with no income. Of course, there is no guarantee of success for any business, which is why there is always risk involved. However, with the range of resources available and the assistance that you can get when it comes to marketing and funding, it has become far easier for people to make a success of a start-up business these days – and the risk can really pay off.

Another thing to consider is that you can start a business while you are still working either full time or part time in an employed role. This gives you the stability of having a regular income and secure job while also enabling you to test the waters when it comes to starting your own business.

Many people have done this in the past and have been able to determine how successful their business is likely to be before finally taking the plunge and giving up the day job. Once you’ve determined that your business is likely to be successful, you can look at expanding and getting additional funding to enhance your business growth and success.