eWallets becoming more & more popular with millennials

In recent times, progress is as much about new technology as it is about making existing tech easier to use.

The innovators of today are working hard to make everyday affairs more convenient, and payments are no exception. With cards and accounts under your wing, you’re already saving yourself time, but using an eWallet is the next step.

An eWallet is a type of service that securely stores multiple payment methods for you and allows you to use them easily online. It handles both debit cards and bank accounts and makes paying with them a breeze, especially useful if you have plenty of them to handle. eWallets are also a very secure way to pay, as the person you’re paying doesn’t need any of your bank account information, and doesn’t handle any of your data themselves. Some well-known eWallet providers are Paypal, Skrill, Neteller and Payeer among others. Say goodbye to carrying cards, fearing fraud or remembering your account details, with this innovative service, all you need do is login to their website or mobile app.

What can eWallets buy you?

In earlier times, finding support for eWallets was quite a hassle. Today, there’s a plethora of businesses that support it. eBay is a well known example of an online marketplace that accepts payment using the eWallet PayPal – and was, in fact, one of the main factors that pushed PayPal to become more popular ever since its inception in 1998. In fact, PayPal operated as a subsidiary of eBay from 2002 to 2014. Purchasing physical goods isn’t the only use of eWallets though; companies offering anything from delivery services to hiring a professional for your needs. eWallets are also highly popular for funding online gambling accounts and forex broker accounts.

Lists of supported businesses are often available on respective eWallet servicer sites. Online integration is increasing worldwide and even less developed countries are seeing companies advocate the new, simple form of payment.

What are the exact benefits of eWallets? What about cons?

Ease of use is the number one reason why customers increasingly prefer to pay through eWallets. Using an eWallet is as simple as logging in, sometimes coupled with 2-factor authentication. Many eWallet services offer mobile use as well for ultimate convenience. Another boon of eWallets is their security. If you are paying with one, your personal info isn’t accessed directly. It is either encrypted or completely uninvolved with the transaction, depending on your used payment method – eWallets act as a failsafe against online fraud. eWallets are among the leading ways to make deposits and withdrawals with online casino websites too. For example, Oranje Casino offers eWallets Skrill and Neteller among the diverse payment methods available. Such online-only businesses often rely heavily on an abundance of payment options to make sure that customers of all persuasions feel confident in using them.

With growing worldwide support considered, another benefit of eWallets is making travel life far easier. eWallet providers will often offer unique promotions, discounts and the like, meaning you could potentially be in for some great deals. The speed at which transactions are processed is also quite fast.

But what are the cons of using an eWallet compared to other payment methods? On their own, eWallets don’t have many downsides, however just one eWallet may not cover all of your purchasing needs so multiple accounts may be required. Beware of fake eWallet apps, scams and malware! Only trust confirmed well-known companies, some of which we’ve listed in the article today.

Overall eWallet provide a safe and convenient way for you to pay for good and services online. They allow you to navigate some the hurdles of using credit or debit cards, like for example, making international payment much simpler.