Employee rewards 101: How to give back right

Being consistent in giving rewards for accomplishments will result to more loyal and hardworking employees. Be creative in giving them these rewards and recognizing their achievements. Here are some ways to surprise them through rewards.

1.  Create a Wall of Fame

This is the equivalent of an employee of the month award. However, instead of awarding one winner each month, someone goes up on that wall any time there is a major achievement. Put their picture on that wall along with a short description of what they have accomplished. This makes them proud of their achievement and also inspires other employees to strive harder so next time it will be their turn.

2.  Let them Play with Puppies

One of the most creative ways to reward your crew for sure, taken from Snacknation’s employee incentive playbook. Work with a shelter to deliver a flock of puppies into your office. This will surely relieve stress among your employees and make the entire company’s work day much more fun. You might want to get schedule a cleaning crew over though.

3.  Cover their Travel Expense

Instead of giving money, it is possible to help the employees financially by covering their travel expense. Give them a gas card that they can use when refueling. This should be enough to cover their monthly transportation expense. For those who are not driving, a public transportation pass is an option. This might not be that expensive, but it means a lot to employees, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet.

4.  Make the World Know their Accomplishment

If an employee has achieved something really big, make sure not just the company knows about it, but the entire world. Publish their accomplishment in a newsletter that you hand out to your partners, clients and investors. If you don’t have one, put their name and accomplishment on your website’s home page. This will let them know that they have accomplished something really big.

5.  Don’t limit rewards to work-related achievements

Most employers commit the mistake of rewarding only achievements related to work. It also helps that you congratulate employees for milestones outside work. For instance, they might have already reached their fitness goals and lost a lot of weight. It is also possible that they have finished their postgraduate studies. Decorate their cubicle with balloons or give them a free cake just to celebrate these milestones. If not, a simple shout out in the office will do.

6.  Go for Team Shopping Spree

This type of reward will surely convince everyone to do their share in accomplishing team goals. For instance, you have reached a sales target, bring them to the shopping mall and give them a gift coupon. They can buy whatever they want with it. After shopping, treat them all to dinner. This is rewarding not just because of the free shopping money, but because the team gets some time off from work.

Rewards motivate employees, but they also help employers. Of course, you will benefit from employees who are inspired to work harder. At the same time, you also feel good knowing that your company progresses along with your employees. It doesn’t feel good if you know you are doing well while the people working for you are suffering.