Different strategies for increasing social media engagement

social media

In the 21st century, years have shown incredible improvements in technology, making the worldwide web virtually accessible to the entire world.

Ideally, no business would want to be left out of the virtual world, particularly with the tremendous rise of social media.

As people are busy scrolling through different social media platforms, it is upon you to put in as much effort as possible to see to it that they are focusing on your brand.

Incorporate images and other media

Since the integration of mobile phones into the virtual world, there has been a significant increase in the demand for visual content. Much as the text-based content is essential in the world of social media, media takes your traffic rate to the next level. It is the images that increase the chances of people interacting with your social media posts, over a bunch of creative words put together.

Images have the strength of drawing attention to a particular concept, not to mention, are highly shareable. The idea is to keep your pictures as relevant to your main campaign message as possible, as well as increase the visibility of your brand’s essence through the design, colors, taglines, among others. Embrace different media like GIFs, photographs, infographics, among others.

Generate your own keywords

If you have used the Serpbook rank tracking software, you must know that keywords play a huge role in the success of your SEO campaign in a bid to secure better results on SERP. On social media platforms, keywords will propel your brand giving you more visibility, but it has to be strategic.

The goal is to come up with hashtags that are centered on your primary keywords. The terms you select can be precise to your marketing goal, or more general to cover various aspects of your industry. The beauty of using hashtags is that you increase the engagement of your target audience while involving your competitors and other brands.

Embrace humor

The unique value of social media platforms is that they allow users to get personal with each other, and therefore, relationships are built on sociability first, before service provision. Embracing humor in both text-based and image-based content allows your brand to come out as likable.

Use humor when constructing social media posts, share memes, and more importantly, embrace some humor and fun when responding to people’s feedback. However, keep steady on preserving your brand’s essence, by striking a balance between professionalism and humor. Remember, a funny post can get people’s attention, but to maintain them, you must embrace an aspect of professionalism to offer value.

Respond to people’s feedback

People across different social media platforms want to be considered significant, and the best way to show that is by responding to feedback. As a company, it helps that your response is timely, mainly when the feedback is negative.

Whether criticism, commendations or inquiries, when people reach out to your brand, it is the opportune time to interact with them, making them a fan of your work. Handle the negative feedback with professionalism, careful not to stir up internet strife, which can taint your reputation in a matter of seconds, once the conversations go viral.

Conduct small online polls

There is no better way to gather statistics than getting it directly from the people. Whatever perspective you require on your business, whether for a product or service, your audience will openly tell you what they think.

The thing with social media platforms is that people are open and honest, and therefore, the results from the polls will be a lot closer to reality than through any other methods. However, you want to be strategic with the nature of questions you ask people to vote for or participate in so that it is fun, and not an activity they feel would be additional work for them.

Organize for a giveaway

Everyone loves free things, and when the gifts are random, then you have the advantage of attracting quite a crowd. Sponsoring a giveaway does not necessarily have to dig deep into your pockets. The giveaway can be, and usually is, a product in your business, a coupon for your products or services, tickets to attend your event, among others.

Essentially, the giveaway should draw people more to your brand, which is the guide you need in selecting the type of handouts to give out. The most important part of the bargain should be to promote competitiveness because the more people are interested in the gifts, the more engagement you have on your timeline.

Executing these strategies for your brand depicts an understanding of the value of social media platforms as powerful tools for digital marketing, and relationship building.