How you can manage your business from your smartphone

The majority of business operations can efficiently be taken care of from these devices, potentially saving you from having to hire additional help. Why need an assistant when you have an app?

Still wondering how you can manage your business from your smartphone? Here are some everyday tasks that can be easily handled from your device.

Manage Your Finances

There are several apps out there to help you manage your business finances. Software like QuickBooks allows you to store all of your business’ financial data and makes it available on your smartphone so you can manage it on the go. You don’t need to be in the office to manage your finances anymore. You can stay productive at home and while travelling by utilising such software, making work more manageable and effortless.

Manage Invoicing

Your smartphone can also be used for managing your invoicing. A professional invoice app such as Billdu is easy to use and will save you a lot of time and paperwork. You can access your business anytime from a mobile device through invoice software that offers simple invoicing solutions, estimates, an inventory tracker, a record of your expenses and ensures fast payments. This makes the process of managing invoicing hassle and error free. With an app like Billdu, you can save a considerable amount of time and ensure faster payments while also ensuring comfort.

Keep Track of Your Time

In addition to the above, there are also a number of time management apps that allow you to create a to-do list, maintain your calendar, track your time and plan your schedule. Apps like Time Recording allow you to monitor the time you designate to a particular client, project or task. You can also view the time you allocate to specific tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This allows you to manage and spend your time strategically to help your business flourish.

Creating and Organising Documents

There’s a large amount of documentation required to run your business successfully but thanks to some outstanding apps and software, all of this can now be done from your smartphone. With apps like Google Drive and Evernote, you can now create, edit and store all your documents so you can access them on the go. Whether it’s memos, letters, emails, spreadsheets or any other documents, you can work on them anytime, anywhere using these apps. When selecting an app, make sure it’s compatible with the documents you produce on your primary work computer.

Communicating and Attending Meetings

Are you on a business trip abroad but something important has come up at the office? All you need is a smartphone equipped with the right app and an internet connection and communicating with people at the office will not be an issue. There are apps like Skype that offer videoconferencing features that are free worldwide. There are other meeting software applications like WebEx that allow you to communicate and exchange documents. Important meetings don’t have to wait anymore just because one person is not present. Get them on a video call from your smartphone regardless of wherever in the world they might be and get the work done on time.

Accepting and Using Credit Cards

You can also make your smartphone work as a debit or credit card and use it to pay for purchases. Google Wallet is one such app that lets you make payments using your mobile device. It also notifies you of coupon offers and discounts so you can save money on business items. There are also apps such as GoPayment that enable you to accept payments using your smartphone. You no longer have to visit your bank for every little task when everything can be managed using your mobile device.

Apps such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, Instagram, Pocket and many others have changed customer behaviours entirely by pushing the boundaries of sharing. Due to all these changes, the business landscape has also changed widely.

Running a business from your smartphone is not a stretch anymore and has become a reality. From managing invoices to having a look at emails, everything can be done on the go thanks to smartphones. All you need is the right software and app and you’ll be able to oversee all the important operations of your business without having to be physically present at the office.