Businesses can learn from impact of Claudio Ranieri’s voice in Leicester’s Premiership title win

PH Media Group analysed the voices of the men leading the Premier League’s current top four and Ranieri’s dulcet tones set him apart from the rest and could be the reason his side have made football history.

The Italian has become renowned for his slightly off-the-wall press conferences this season, and his friendly, expressive tone reinforces the endearing qualities of his personality.

Ranieri’s voice is deep and gentle, providing cool reassurance, yet frequent variances in pitch and tempo add flourishes of character. This combination is ideal for calming any frayed nerves, but also for instilling energy in his players as they attempt to fulfil a fairytale finish.

And it provides lessons that can be applied by businesses when considering voice and audio to be used over the phone or in advertising. It is crucial businesses do not simply choose generic voiceovers, but instead select a voice with the appropriate character and attributes to reflect their brand image and organisational values.

“We work with businesses to help them create voice and music that communicates the appropriate brand image to both employees and customers, and the same principles apply to the leaders of the top Premier League teams,” said Dan Lafferty, Director of Music and Voice for PH Media Group.

“Claudio Ranieri has a strong personality, which comes across clearly in his voice. He has been able to instil a sense of energy, enthusiasm and teamwork in his team and a large part of this will be down to how he communicates these ideas to the players.

“His voice is perhaps not obviously inspirational but that only highlights the need for businesses to create an audio brand that is unique and most accurately reflects their specific values through its various characteristics.”

Meanwhile, Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino’s more hushed, steady tone suggests a quiet confidence. The Argentine rarely seems to raise his voice, either on the sidelines or during press conferences, but conveys authority through calm, unwavering speech and demeanour.

Manuel Pellegrini speaks with a very deep pitch and relaxed pace but perhaps lacks the inspirational characteristics of Ranieri due to the often monotone nature of his voice. Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger also has a deep, relaxed voice punctuated by flourishes of energy and expression, which reflects the authority and self-confidence of someone who has been in charge at Arsenal for almost 20 years.

“The different attributes of a person’s voice – whether pitch, tempo, volume or any other – will have a huge effect on the way that person is perceived by the general public,” added Lafferty.

“That is why we work with companies to ensure they use the appropriate voice and music throughout their telephone messaging. An organisation with a strong corporate image, in financial services for example, might choose an assertive, older voice, which is serious and intelligent in tone. But it might be a completely different situation for a veterinary surgery, which uses a soft, feminine voice to provide friendly, welcoming reassurance.”