Are you inspired at work?

Doing the same thing day in and day out can grow tedious and make you feel stagnant. Often you may feel in a rut. Even entrepreneurs get bored and lose the spark they had with what was once an exciting adventure.

Well, just because the thrill is gone doesn’t mean you have to quit and move on. There are ways to get re-inspired and once again enjoy going to work. Here are eight ways to get the work spark back!

1. Talk to Your Customers

Your business must be providing some value or you wouldn’t have customers. Spend some time conversing with them and let them tell you why they like your company. You may gain some surprising insights that will help give you daily purpose.

2. Research Your Competition

There’s nothing like a little competitive action to get your interest back on line. See if your competition has left an opening that you can exploit for expanding your market share. You’ll get to play detective, strategist, and hero all at once as you knock off the infidels.

3. Change Positions

Perhaps you are too settled in the position you currently have. Look for the opportunity in front of you. You may need to boost your education or improve the way you handle people, but personal growth is the most stimulating activity. And if you succeed in advancing, you’ll have plenty of rewards to show for the effort.

4. Create a Lunch and Learn Program

People get excited when they get to teach others. A lunch and learn program will create interactions that benefit your colleagues, make you all smarter, and at the same time will remind you of the interesting and stimulating things in your company and industry.

5. Change Roles With a Co-worker

Whether you are boss or co-worker, you can learn a ton by sitting at someone else’s desk for a few days. The newness will give you a fresh perspective and open your mind to new ways of thinking and ways to improve. You may also gain new appreciation for your colleagues.

6. Take on New Responsibilities

Investigate the needs in your company that have fallen through the cracks. Picking up the slack will give you a new way of contributing and will make you feel good for resolving a problem.

7. Recruit New Employees

Spend a few weeks finding A players and telling them all the good reasons to work at your company and you’ll begin to remember the reasons you love it as well.

8. Plan Your Preferred Future

Perhaps you forgot what inspired you to take this path in the first place. Maybe it’s time to reconsider and explore so you can recommit. If you tried the suggestions above and still feel disenchanted, try taking some time to rethink your preferred future and make a change. Start by exploring your core values and follow your heart.