6 Habits of highly productive entrepreneurs


According to a recent survey conducted by MOMA, over 41% of the 1000 people that took part said that they were at their most productive during the hours of 9am and 12pm, with 17.2 per cent citing the hours of 12pm-3pm as their most productive.

As an entrepreneur, your business depends on your productivity being focused and effective. Below, is a list of things you could do to enhance your productivity and make sure that your business is working at full capacity.

Utilise the time of day you feel most productive

The survey proved that not everyone feels productive at the exact same times of the day. Find out what times you have the most energy and manage to get the most work done, then aim to get your most important or most time consuming tasks done during these ‘peak’ times.

Outsource the repetitive jobs

Investing in your business by outsourcing the smaller, more repetitive tasks will allow you to free up time for the important and urgent work. Examples of this may be hiring an agency to look after your social media and online marketing, or employing an accountant to handle your accounts and expenses.

Try to avoid overtime

Make sure to set yourself a definitive time when you can put down your work and walk away. As an entrepreneur you could be more prone to ‘burnout’, and working from the early hours till very late at night might be counter-productive for your business.

Track your time

Make sure to note down how long you spend on each task every day. This can help you in the long run when you need to figure out how much time you’ve spent on client/project work, compared to time spent on your actual business.

Set weekly task lists

Keep yourself on track by setting weekly task lists. Using online tools or apps like Wunderlist, can help keep you on schedule and make sure that you are getting the most crucial tasks done when needed.

Work in 90 minute intervals

There have already been studies that have shown that the human brain can only concentrate for 90-120 minute intervals at a time before it needs a break. Try setting an alarm or notification every 90 minutes to take a short 5-10 minute break and see how it affects your concentration and motivation throughout your working day.

As an entrepreneur it’s important to be able to make the most of your time. Putting measures in place and utilising the times you are most productive can dramatically increase the quality of the work you produce and how efficiently you work throughout the day. By making small changes and playing to your strengths you’re guaranteed to make a big difference to both you and your business.