The 5 basics of networking

Networking can be tough and a daunting task. So if your new to it, or even just loath it follow these 5 basic tips and make the most of it.

1. Step out of your comfort zone. At work, get to know people in other departments and ask about their jobs. Although hard at first Introduce yourself to strangers at industry events, workshops, and luncheons. Don’t be a wallflower!

2. Remember–every relationship matters. That includes customers, employees, and the people who are trying to sell to you. You never know who will turn out to be a great contact or a key decision maker at another company.

Never take your contacts for granted!

3. Forget the sales pitch. Remember your trying to build a relationship. This may lead to future sales however when networking this shouldn’t be your main focus. A simple honest conversation will go down much better than a round of buzz word bingo, telling your counterpart how wonderland you and your business are.

3. Develop a thick skin. You will meet people and reach out over the various social media channels, however, not everyone you contact is going to respond. Don’t take that personally. Let rejection remind you to be more responsive to the people who reach out to you.

4. Be persistent. If you don’t follow up after your first contact attempt goes unanswered, you’re not being persistent enough. Never assume that one message is enough. There can be a tun line between persistent and annoying, people are busy so give it time before you follow up.