9 ways online casinos are changing they way they do business

There has never been so much money in the online casino industry, but there has also never been as many competitors fighting for customers.

Many organisations have been pushed into a corner and forced to find new ways to please existing customers and attract new ones.

It’s an industry that has never shied away from embracing innovation, looking to both simplify and improve how their casinos work. Thus, it’s no surprise to see it follow an already dynamic trail.

Here are just 9 ways those companies are changing how they do business.

Virtual Reality

VR is the buzzword in the online gambling world at the moment and for good reason too, as many experts have predicted that this will be the next step in the development of the industry.

All the big players in the online casino world are racing to create a virtual premises that bridges the gap between the online and physical gambling world for players. None of them have quite reached the coup de gras yet, but most of them are chasing it.

Accepting crypto-currencies

There are many bitcoin casinos where you can play online slots focusing on the Bitcoin market at the moment and with great success too. No withdrawal payments, fast transaction speeds and a clean trail which won’t show up on your bank statement, are just some of the reasons why gamblers are using Bitcoin and its ilk, instead of the more traditional currencies

Different target audience

Branded slots, focused campaigns and easier to understand games are just a few of the ways that online casinos are looking to attract customers from markets which haven’t yet been tapped into. Millennials and focused gamers are just two of the groups that are seen as prime targets.

Advertising in different ways

A recent report revealed that gambling advertisements appear during 95 per cent of televised football in the UK. This is an incredible number which shows online gambling sites’ ability to find an audience and target it. This is being done throughout the industry, with online casinos focusing their marketing campaigns towards websites and television programs that potential players are most likely to be watching.


More and more online casinos are offering video game like experiences for their players. Skill-based games are becoming widely popular, due to younger players who want their chances based on more than just luck. These games are very often easy to play and mobile focused.

HTML5 and flash over Apps

When mobile gambling first became a thing, many casinos focused their energy on applications, rather than their mobile sites. In fact, up until relatively recently, many online casino’s mobile websites were left to ruin, while their apps received constant updates. This trend seems to be bucking, as players no longer want to have to download bulky apps as much as they once did.

Mobile focused

PC gambling will always be present, but trends are revealing that the vast majority of players have migrated to their mobile devices. This is because they can play on the go, without fuss or hassle and as stated above, mobile focused websites are constantly improving.

Custom preferences

Almost all the best online casinos offer the option to players to save their preferences for sound, spins, tables etc. This is a benefit that is not available in the physical game and just one of the reasons many players swear by betting online, rather than at offline properties.

There you have it, nine ways online casinos are changing how they do business in an attempt to bring in new players.