9 easy ways to improve your business travel experience


For many travellers, frequent business travel is a way of life. When travelling for work, there are certain common pressures like rehearsing your presentations, getting to destinations you’ve never been to on time, and having to adapt to new realities on the fly. 

However, there are some things that you can do to prevent a complete disaster on your next business flight. Here are a few tips to help you facilitate the whole process.

Pack Light

When travelling for business, it’s best to pack as light as possible. You aren’t going on holiday, so you only need to bring the absolute essentials with you. This will allow you to travel lighter and easier, as you won’t have to worry about hauling heavy luggage everywhere you go.

Try to Disconnect During Your Flight

Try to do most of your work before and after your flight if you want to be as alert as possible once you land. When you are on the plane, take the time to disconnect from the world and use the flight as a great opportunity to get some meditation time. 

You’ll need to be in work mode once you arrive, so making sure you hit the ground with your batteries fully charged will be a great asset once it’s time to actually get to business.

Keep your Airline Info Close

When travelling, it’s best to prepare for every eventuality. This means at the very least, you should have your airline’s company phone number in case something happens. Whether one of your flights ends up being delayed or cancelled, you’ll need to have them on speed dial to make sure everything is resolved as fast as possible.

You should also make sure that you are aware of your air passenger rights in case your flight is delayed or cancelled. If your flight is either leaving from or landing in the EU and ends up being cancelled, you as a passenger can be entitled to flight cancellation compensation from the airline.

So, make sure that you are aware of these rights before you travel, that way if you suffer a flight mishap, you can claim what you’re entitled to from the airline.

Have a Network Ready

You’re bound to have some downtime when going on a business travel, and when that time arises, it can be boring if you don’t have a network in place and ideas of things to do. However, business trips are a great opportunity to connect with business owners from all over the world, so there’s no reason to make the whole trip a solitary affair.

There are apps out there like Btrfly that allows people on business trips to upload their job details and travel plans with other people that might be in the same situation as them. So, business travellers attending the same event or conference might be able to connect.

Try to use the opportunity to attend some networking activities as well. This might be your last time visiting the area, so make it count. Look for events before you go and also make sure that you have some contacts before you get there.

They might be able to introduce you to the right people who can show or recommend good places to visit. Anything you can do to reach more people once you get there will work to your advantage and might open you to a whole world of opportunities. And always be ready to expand your stay as well if you do find out that there are possibilities that you might be doing more business. Never turn down a meeting if it’s one or two weeks after your expected return. The same opportunity may not present itself again, so take a chance and go for it.

Consider other Travel Modes

Sometimes, it’s not a question of how much you can save during your travels, but how fast and conveniently you can get there. So make sure you consider various travel options. For instance, could you get to your destination by bus, train or even by sea? In some cases, it’s good to know other options in case one happens to be better than booking a flight.

Be as Picky as You Can when it Comes to Accommodation

With all the different options available today, there is no reason why you should settle for bad accommodation. You can go for an Airbnb, check for short-term rentals, look at discount sites, etc. Try to look at as many choices as possible and take a close look at your needs as well. Maybe you could save a pound or two or find something closer to where you actually need to be.

Bring a Few Niceties with you

Though, it’s nice to pack light, sometimes, you have to leave some space for a few comforts. For instance, if you’re constantly frustrated with the type of shampoo or skin care products you find at hotels, you can always bring some of your favourites with you. 

Something as simple as bringing your own pouches of tea can make you feel right at home wherever you are and take some of the edge off.

You should also make sure that you leave some space for some basic medication as well. You never know when you’ll have to deal with a sore lower back or a pounding headache. Make sure that you bring a few pain relievers with you; they could be a lifesaver depending on the situation.

Go Offsite

But just because you’re on a business trip, it doesn’t mean you can’t go off course a little and have some fun. This will allow you to decompress and make yourself more at ease with where you’re staying. You could decide to visit spots that have to do with your line of business or completely go off track and do something you never had the chance to try at home. 

Try to go for something physical that will keep your blood flowing. Maybe you could try skiing for the first time or go on a scuba diving excursion, who knows? Try to break routine as much as you can so you can relax a little and be able to work on all cylinders when the time calls for it.

Don’t Skimp on Travel

While we all try to save any way that we can, especially when it comes to travel, it’s a mistake to sacrifice your travel experience for a discount when it comes to business travel. Also, don’t go for odd flights just to save a few pounds either. Pay a little more for the best and most reliable flights and you’ll perform much better once you get to your destination.

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Going on a business trip doesn’t have to be an ordeal, but you have to be ready for any eventuality. Make sure that you follow the few tips in this article if you want to make your next trip as comfortable and smooth-running as possible.