7 ways a company can go green today

going green in office

There are many ways a company can implement green habits within its business model.

With a few easy steps, a company’s ecological footprint can decrease dramatically.

This results in a healthier environment for employees and a smaller impact on our environment.

Here 7 quick wins a company can implement today!


This may seem like an obvious tip but is often something we become tired of and slack on. Not only does recycling save energy, it saves water, space, and resources.

If your office does not have recycling containers, make sure you get them and specify what can go in them.

Companies should urge employees to bring their own lunch. This saves employees money and decreases waste. When doing so, employees are likely to use reusable containers and cutlery.

The amount of waste employees produce daily could easily be recycled and converted into something new, without entering our overflowing landfills.

By recycling you are eliminating the manufacturers need to produce something from scratch resulting in the factory using less energy, water, and other resources.

Ditch the Paper

Things are evolving in the business world and companies no longer need to print every single document.

Everything is recorded and presented on a computer. You can even approve and sign documents online.

There is no need to print loads of emails and power point presentations. If you do need to use paper, use scratch paper or print double-sided.

Your company can purchase recycled paper, chlorine free paper, and even experiment with paper made out of bamboo, hemp, or cotton.

These are all ways to avoid excessive paper waste.

 Unplug Electronics

Most of us assume turning off our computers as we leave the office is enough. However, devices that are left plugged in still consume a ton of energy.

When you aren’t using your devices, ensure they are unplugged.

If you are on a lunch break, put your computer in sleep mode. Reducing the brightness and amount of tabs open can also decrease power usage.

These aren’t difficult steps to do and they will most definitely add to a company’s goal in decreasing power usage and their carbon footprint.

Green Web Host

The hosting industry impacts the environment greatly. The amount of web hosts available is overwhelming. The servers web host companies use need massive amounts of electricity while remaining cool.

One data server produces over 1,390 pounds of CO2 emissions. You can imagine a big company that uses numerous servers, increasing their CO2 emissions to alarming rates.

Green hosting companies are a great solution to the problem. As a company you can host your website with a green web host and minimise your carbon emissions.

Many green hosting companies use green energy credits to purchase renewable energy off the main energy grid. These green programs are administered by official organizations like the United States EPA Green Power Partner in the US and OFGEM in the UK.

Reduce Energy Usage

Unplugging electronics is one way to reduce energy usage, but there are several other ways to do so.

Replacing all light bulbs with fluorescent LED’s bulbs will use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Installing motion sensing light switches is another easy way to reduce energy.

Open the blinds during colder months and close the blinds during hotter times of the year. This will allow for heat to stay inside in the winter, and block out the sun in the summer.

Programmed thermostats allow for heating and cooling to adjust automatically, rather than wasting energy when no one is in the building.

Leave the Car at Home

Not only is it good for you, it helps the environment too!

Encourage employees to walk, bike, or carpool to work. It gets more cars off the road on a daily basis and alleviates the stress of parking.

Employee wellbeing is crucial and quality exercise can do a lot for this.

Making it a fun group activity where co-workers who live near one another can walk or bike together is a great team building activity and an opportunity for some fresh air before heading into work.