5 Success tips for businesses in the UK travel & tourism industry


According to the World Travel & Tourism Council 2017 report, in 2016, the UK travel and tourism industry made a contribution of 10.8 per cent to GDP and an 11.9 per cent contribution to the total employment figure.

Another publication by Statista shows that three key sectors in the industry, that is, the reservations, tour operators, travel agencies generate over forty billion pounds every year. The revenue comes from tourists travelling from overseas as well as residents travelling abroad. This article highlights some of the factors that lead to the success of companies in this industry. As a new entrepreneur in tours and travel, the recommendations below can help you in getting started.

Have An AirBnB Presence

Airbnb is becoming the most popular platform for booking accommodation. It allows travelers to get amazing deals on unique and locally hosted accommodations. Going Airbnb can help your clients access more options in terms of budget, room size, and amenities. As a business in travel and tourism, it would be beneficial to have an Airbnb presence as it also provides analytics that tourists refer to when making decisions regarding their travel plans. According to AirBnb statistics, this platform has more than 150 million worldwide users and is growing. So, not only will you be able to reach more people, but also get a better insight into their behavior.

Knowledge and Skills

The first key to success in the industry is knowledge and skills. For instance, you will not make it as a tour guide unless you are fully conversant with the cultural and historic heritage of the UK. Similarly, for you to be a successful tour agent, you need computer skills, marketing skills, and in-depth knowledge of the key holiday destinations. Therefore, successful business people and employees start by acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to offer their services. Some skills can be self-taught using internet resources whereas for others, a course is essential.

Customer Service

Customer service is the best form of marketing in most businesses and travel and tourism is no exception. When your customer service is on point, you get repeat clients, referrals, and lots of positive reviews for your business. Remember, most travellers check reviews before working with a company or an agent. Therefore, aim at attracting positive reviews if you want more people to be drawn to your business. The strategies you take to provide good services will depend on the individual sector. For instance, in meet and greet Heathrow airport parking, having the driver arrive on time, greet the client politely, handle the vehicle carefully, and have the vehicle waiting when the client gets back are top tips for customer satisfaction.


People will not know your business exists unless you market it intensely. And when marketing, remember you are focusing on both residents and tourists from other countries. Therefore, create campaigns to reach out to both. To market your business, consider establishing a strong social media presence, getting listed on directories, starting a website with a blog, getting featured on travel magazines and websites, advertising through a mailing list, and if you have some extra money, you could give paid advertising a try as well. For successful marketing campaigns, take time to understand your audience, have a strategy, set goals and determine the KPIs.

Reward Your Customers

Reward your loyal customers with discounts and free consultation or other services. Also, think about a referral program where you reward your customers with points, cash or discounts for referring their friends and family to your business. Free contests with giveaways can also boost loyalty and popularity of your business.

With determination and hard work, you can make a good income helping travellers and tourists. The first few months may be tough with only a few clients, but if you do your job right, things should be looking up in a year or so.