5 Apps successful business people have on their smartphones

Smartphones have become a must in today’s hyper-competitive business world, as they help enhance business communications and make interactions with colleagues and clients more efficient and effective.

That’s why more and more mobile apps are constantly hitting the market, all aimed at helping businessmen better manage their time and achieve their goals faster.

What are the top apps successful businessmen have on their smartphones? Read on to find out.


Slack is a set of tools and services for team collaboration, helping teams work together to easily achieve their objectives and goals. It’s like a hub where all the information relevant to one’s business is stored and where users can easily search for anything business-related and seamlessly complete their tasks.

With this app, not only can you easily communicate and collaborate with your teams and significantly save time, but you can also search conversations and stay in the loop with everything that’s happening in your company.

You can also share conversations with partners, clients and vendors, share files, get feedback, create archives, and even make voice and video calls – all directly from the app. You can also integrate Slack with other tools and services that you already use and considerably accelerate all your work. It’s definitely an app that every successful businessman must have on their mobile devices.

Simba Games

All work and no play… you know how the proverb goes. Everyone needs a little time off from work, even the most successful businessmen who look as if they work even in their sleep. Taking a bit of time off is good for your health and it’s actually great for your business as well, because breaks recharge your batteries and help you think much clearer.

That’s why successful people have a bunch of games of their smartphones. They help them relax and unwind, which provides them with a fresh perspective they can apply to their work. Simba Games is one of the most popular platforms where businessmen go to free their minds and have some fun.

It’s an online casino and slot games site with hundreds of games designed to create an exciting gaming experience for everyone who loves the thrill of a game of chance. If you’re one of them, take your mind off work during your lunch break and try your luck in the exciting UK slots.


Slotomania, with hundreds of free online slot games to engage in, is yet another very popular app choice among a huge number of successful businessmen. It’s perfect for anyone who likes spinning the reels for fun, as “free” means that you don’t actually play for real money. You play only for fun, and you can even play with friends and have one of the most exciting social gaming experiences.

If live roulette is more your cup of tea, you can try playing Mega Casino live roulette that will provide you with a very immersive experience and even help you learn to play like a real pro. It’s definitely a very thrilling way to spend your free time.

Motivation Daily & Positivity

Everyone needs a daily dose of motivation to inspire them and keep them going straight towards their goals. This app is designed precisely for that. It sends you positive affirmations on a daily basis, picking you up when you most need it and motivating you to go above and beyond your goals to reach much greater heights.

Install this app and get daily inspirational messages from famous people, together with their interviews and speeches. It will help you build your confidence and feel much better, absolutely killing it every single day, whether you’re at work, at the gym, at school, or anywhere else where you need to perform certain tasks.


There are many ways to improve your business communications as Forbes explains, but being able to dial a conference call with a single click may just be one of the best. Being able to stay in touch with your business partners and clients anytime and anywhere is extremely beneficial to your business, which is precisely why there are so many mobile apps for enhancing business communications.

MobileDay is one of them. This one-touch conference call dialing app provides you with a fast and reliable way to dial into any call and seamlessly communicate with clients and colleagues on the go. The app syncs with your smartphone calendar and even sends you alerts for your upcoming meetings, so you’ll never miss an important meeting.

What apps do you have on your smartphone? Are there any other apps that you think are perfect for all successful businessmen? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to share your experience in the comments section below!