5 apps to maximise employee engagement in the countdown to 2018

employee engagement

No, you haven’t misread the title of this article! The end of the year may seem far beyond anyone’s horizons, as we enjoy the summer heat of July, but for organisations thinking about implementing a new initiative or new product in 2018, you really need to be acting now.

Apps aren’t created overnight, so if your business wants to be on board with the most innovative ideas in a bid to maximise employee engagement, the time to outreach is in the present.

In the modern workplace employees regularly use smartphones and spend on average of three hours and 15 minutes using mobile apps every day. Why not leverage that small screen they are checking once per hour and make that time more productive with apps that allow them to engage with colleagues about their work?

With Christmas and the New Year acting as prime times to make the most of employee engagement tools, apps can offer incentives, better organisation and productivity for employees and to help boost company sales and revamp ideologies as the New year takes off.

Advent app

What better way to engage staff than with an advent calendar app? As the Christmas countdown begins and the work load starts to pick up, an incentive driven advent app would be an excellent way to keep motivation and spirits high in the office. These kinds of apps could be tailored to offer random prizes or could be rewards based for high achieving employees. For example, offering rewards such as vouchers, days out or even time off is excellent encouragement for employees to keep stimulated during what can be a very hectic time of year.

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Event app

With the office Christmas party the highlight of many company’s social calendar, what better way to make the most out of the celebration than with an app?

An event celebration app allows employees to share information about the event and also view a full itinerary of proceedings, updating the platform with any time or venue changes, as well as giving the ability to share photos to make the event even more memorable. Companies that have these types of mobile apps report 50 per cent higher employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and employee engagement.

Employee training app

Inevitably, end of year is a very busy time for the HR department. Before they can ring in the New Year they have to tie up administrative details and make sure the company is on course for a seamless transition to the approaching year.

Between sorting out administrative work and payrolls, the added pressure of trying to process new employees could affect the quality of the training new employees receive. Employee training apps can take away some of the burden and get new employees up to speed fast.  The New Year is a time for re-enforcing company ethos, and creating the strongest platform for ideas and attitudes, so ensuring employees have access to training apps would mean they can hit the ground running.

It’s important for employees to follow, understand and retain the information shared during training. With features that allow employees to test and re-test their knowledge, play training games, receive feedback and rewards and recognition for work well done, companies can rest assured that their employees will have a thorough insight to what they need to know.

Sales communication app

With end of year sales always brimming around the festive period, sales staff are usually under the most stress and are the least likely to be enjoying the jubilant office atmosphere.  Perhaps an annual sales meeting app would be the key to taking off some of the pressure and would help provide a smooth transition into the January retail period?

If employees were able to access features such as meeting itineraries, real-time updated information and live chat to discuss queries and points of action leading up the meeting, they would be able to save valuable time preparing and meetings would move along smoothly with everyone already up to speed on content and issues. It’s also a great way to celebrate sales successes, set goals for next quarter, or remind people the values of your company.

Communications app

What better way to launch into the New Year than with a new communications approach? A communications app would be an excellent way to improve employee engagement, by using interactive, highly visual and engaging content.

Being able to share updates on where the team is on deliverables, who has closed the last deal and how far away from the goal they are will keep motivation high and everyone in the loop. Plus, features such as a desk locator for all staff would allow employee communications to extend past a messaging only system.

These are just a few ideas of where employee engagement can be maximised, and with apps and mobile taking centre stage in the workforce, now is the time to take hold of your company’s 2018. Engaged employees are wholly involved and enthusiastic about their work and company. When an employee is truly committed to an organisation it gives a competitive advantage. It directly affects brand image, service levels, staff job performance and therefore a company’s bottom line. But, additionally, its also a good opportunity for your staff to have fun. If you are thinking about implementing a new mobile strategy to increase employee engagement, feel free to give us a call.

By Paul Swaddle, Co-Founder and Chairman of Pocket App