4 Reasons you should consider renting a production kitchen

Getting a functional kitchen is one of the greatest challenges for food entrepreneurs.

You can start with a small kitchen but as your business expands, you need additional space to serve your clients. Large space is not enough. You need to equip the kitchen with all the necessary equipment, which is costly. Renting a commercial kitchen is the best option if you have limited capital to build your business. Here are the top reasons why you should consider renting a production kitchen.

Saving Costs on Professional Kitchen Equipment

Buying new kitchen equipment is expensive. And equipping yourself professionally can cost even more. A commercial kitchen comes with all the equipment you need to meet your client’s needs and expectations. Instead of investing your profits in a larger kitchen or an additional premises, you can invest your capital in other functions like advertising or hiring professional chefs. The rent for commercial kitchens varies depending on the space, location, and type of kitchen equipment available. If you need a commercial kitchen to rent in London, it’s worth checking out Foodstars. They service many restaurants, catering and wholesale businesses, retail production and more. Wherever you are located, take the time to explore all the options in your preferred business location.

Testing the Market

It is advisable to grow your food business with a rented kitchen. You need to test the location’s response to your product before investing all your resources in it. A rented kitchen has all the equipment you need to test different products or recipes at the start. The location of a restaurant is among the top factors that influence its sales. You can move your business to a better location when using a rented kitchen without incurring major losses. You will build or equip your own kitchen after establishing a strong brand in the market.

Building Your Business Network

Sharing rented kitchen space with other food entrepreneurs enables you to expand your social network. You have an opportunity to learn from other professionals in the same field. These professionals can often help you expand your food business faster by sharing their experience and knowledge of your market. Sometimes you just need to observe and learn from others. Your network exposes you to new opportunities to reach new markets and expand your business. Your employees will also learn new skills from other professionals in the rented space. The shared skills and knowledge will improve their performance.

Additional Storage Space

Are you struggling to find storage space for your kitchen tools and equipment? You will need extra storage space for all the new equipment you buy for your business. Commercial kitchens have enough storage space. This is especially great for establishments like online food delivery companies that don’t necessarily have huge storage space for food. Caterers and street food pop up’s also have to deal with limited storage in their operations, and renting is often the only solution.

Rented kitchens are designed to handle the production processes in large restaurants. In addition, you have an opportunity to compare different kitchens and choose one with sufficient storage. Sometimes property owners offer additional storage at an additional cost. Hence, you can rent additional space on a monthly basis depending on the demands and needs in your business.


Renting a commercial kitchen gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. You can concentrate on meeting your clients’ needs and hiring the right personnel instead of worrying about storage space. As a growing food entrepreneur, you have an opportunity to test the market at low costs before investing more capital in your business. You also have an opportunity to grow your network and learn from other professionals.