Is your small business ready for Christmas?

Christmas working

Your small business may be counting on holiday shoppers to make your year profitable. Don’t make these common mistakes that could limit the festive cheer.

If you’ve been focused on your SEO company services, compiled plenty of stock, and hired enough staff, you might think you’re ready for the holiday shopping season. As we brace for what could be another record-setting holiday shopping season, it can be easy to be focused on acquiring stock and forget other details. Unfortunately, having great products and prices is not enough. Very quickly things can go wrong, particularly given how quickly the holiday shopping frenzy can come and go.

  1. Deck the Halls

You may feel that your business is ready for the holidays but does it look like it is? People are usually better at remembering to decoration brick and mortar locations than they are website but they both can show neglect. A wreath by the door or a few Christmas-related items on your website are not enough to inspire festive holiday shopping.

Images and content on your website should reflect the festive season while they make visitors feel welcome. Go for an upbeat tone and images that work for people of all faiths. Winter themes work as do Father Christmas, Christmas trees, and other images commonly associated with the holiday season.

For brick and mortar businesses, it is both easier and more difficult to add festive elements. Easier, because you can purchase decorations that can be put up quickly, no Photoshopping or web expertise required. It is more challenging for physical locations since space considerations and safety come into play. You’ll need to balance décor with making sure decorations don’t obstruct the view of your products, cause a trip or fire hazard, or otherwise have a potential to cause problems. Still, there are great benefits to making the effort. Fill your business with the spirit of Christmas this holiday with the lights, trees, and many products Decorator’s Warehouse has to offer. Providing a festive atmosphere makes shoppers can more likely to feel welcome, stay longer to shop, and purchase more while they’re there.

  1. Be Jolly

Holiday shopping is a hectic time for everyone – including your employees. Make sure in the rush to deal with the rest of shoppers, your staff isn’t showing the signs of strain. Visitors are also under stress as they try to complete their shopping. Together, this means more potential for misunderstandings and disagreements. Check in with your employees and work hard to keep them happy. Make sure they are maintaining a positive attitude when dealing with your customers. Keep an eye out for your employees and do what you can to show you appreciate their work. A few tasty treats in the breakroom may show them you care while the added nutrition helps to keep them fuelled through the long hours of work.

  1. Channel Your Inner Santa

Santa is known for getting gifts delivered on time. You should be, too. Make it clear on your website that you have adequate stock and that you can ensure delivery before the holidays. No one wants to purchase items, only to have them arrive after the big day. For brick and mortar stores, make it clear than you have adequate stock of the items visitors will be looking for, and then live up to that expectation. Holiday shoppers are short of time and, often, patience. Your job is to make the shopping process as stress-free as possible so that you’ll have happy customers now, and positive feedback from them later.