3 stress-free tips for reluctant business travellers

business travel

Some of us enjoy a business trip. Sure, it’s work — but it also constitutes a couple of days away from family duties, complete with a comfy hotel courtesy of the corporate budget.

But for others, it’s a real pain in the posterior — hours stuck travelling in close proximity with colleagues you might rarely cross paths with normally, uncomfortable plane seats, soulless hotel rooms and lonely phone calls home.

If you’re aligned with the latter group and want to make your next corporate trip less painful to endure, here are three stress-free tips for reluctant business travellers.

Discount food

Grabbing something decent to eat before you board your flight is one of the best ways of settling your stomach and easing your frustrations.

But airport food is notoriously expensive and you might not want to blow your daily expenses limit before you reach your destination.

But discount voucher gurus Groupon offer brilliant cut-price offers on meals at restaurants like Bella Italia and Jamia’s Italian at UK airports like Gatwick — take a look at their website, select the most delectable deals and book a reservation before you leave home.

Sharing a meal with colleagues might become a good ice breaker, but if your culinary choice isn’t to their taste, dining alone will help you chill out in your own company.


When food, drinks and social media don’t distract you sufficiently from pre-flight frustrations, it’s time to ramp up your relaxation regime.

Massage maestros AeroSpa offer outstanding 15, 30 or 60 minute treatments  that will iron out those troublesome knots in your shoulders, neck and back and make you feel like a million dollars by the time you hop on board your business flight.

The company operates in Edinburgh and Newcastle airports and their additional services include gents barbering, leg waxing, facials, manicures and brow and lash treatments.

So provided you’ve got time, you can go the whole hog and book a head-to-toe beautifying session.


Driving to the airport in your own vehicle is less hectic than public transport and offers more privacy than sharing a ride with colleagues — given a choice, it might be the best option.

But be sure to pre-book park and ride or valet options from parking comparison pros Looking4.com— their website offers airport parking bargains for every British airport and beyond.

You’ll arrive in the terminal with plenty of time to make your flight and when you return, jumping in your car and setting off home feels convenient and carefree.

Being proactive about car parking might not immediately sound as satisfying as the first two suggestions — but it’ll certainly make your entire trip smoother and less stressful. 

There’s no guarantee that these three suggestions will convert you into an enthusiastic business traveller — but by reducing your anxiety levels to the bare minimum, they’ll make the entire experience much more pleasant. 

How do you relax on business trips? Share your tips in the comments section.