Learn how to vape safely with these tips


Vaping has become very popular in the last few years and more and more people become interested in every day.

They start buying their ownvaping kits. It’s true; it’ssafer than smoking, however that doesn’t mean that it’s totallyhealthy.

We’ve prepared for you some tips and tricks on how to learn to vape in a safe way. Check Vapemate for the best e-liquids.

Always charge the device with its charger

Sometimes it’s tempting to charge the vape with anything that’s close to you, but it’s wrong. You need to stick with the charger that came from your manufacturer, and that was especially madefor the device. This way, you’ll be sure that the charger is compatible with the battery of your device.

You also need to remember that it’s not okay to leave your vape plugged in overnight – just read the instructions that came together with your kit andyou should be okay.

The quality of your battery

Most of the vape kits and devices have a lithium-ion battery. There are also some specific batteries that you have to use with your device. You might not want to go for a cheap battery or one that’s not recommended for your device since it might cause it problems. Do your homework and look for warnings that come with the batteries that you want to use – then you’ll know if they’re suitable.

The temperature-controlled mod

Many devices come with a temperature control setting. It’s more healthy, as the high temperatures let more chemical reactions to take place, the thingthat showsan increase when it comes to how much formaldehyde is released when you vape. If you choose to set a certain temperature, then you can control how hot the coil gets. 

Hydration levels

You will be surprised to find out how many people forget to stay hydrated. If your vape sessions are long, then you’ll feel dehydrated. By vaping, you take away some moisture from your body, and you need to replace it with water. 

Take care of your e-liquids

E-liquids have chemical makeup, that’s why they can be dangerous. And we all know how nicotine is classifiedas a poison, so storing your e-liquids improperlycan make the experience dangerous for you. Makesure that the liquid does not get into your skin, and also keep in mind that they should be storedat a certain, proper temperature.

Clean the battery terminal

You need to do this every twoweeks. It helps in improving the performance of your device, as there won’t be a layer of dust or debris between the device and the battery. You can clean it with alcohol wipes and simply cleandamp.

Don’t dry burn your coils

Dry burning is when you press the button, but you don’t have any liquid in your device. Many people dry burn their coils to make sure that the temperature is even and distributed everywhere, but this actuallyhas a negative impact on the metal structure of the device. The temperature can get as high as 700°C and it’s not good for the durability of your mod.