2017 Packaging Trends

Bakers can make the best cupcakes in town and coffee shops can serve the finest java in the city, but the presentation of food and beverage items is almost as important as their tastes.

Even in the world of eating and drinking, the package the delicacy comes in is central to the way in which customers view the item. For this reason,  food packaging companies are always at the drawing board to ensure their patrons have the freshest and most appealing designs possible. Creation of the best custom boxes, bags, containers and wrapping is a joint effort among designer, manufacturers, and store owners.

One of 2017’s trends, according to freelance design company 99designs, is bolder and brighter color incorporation. Colors, like aromas, evoke strong emotions and, hopefully, motivate buying choices. By using specific, enticing colors, purchasers remember the color combination of the packaging even if they do not remember the product’s name. There is a branch of psychology concerning how colors influence food sales. Makers say having packaging colors match the flavor of the product allows the brain to focus on the taste via the color instantly.

Creatives report that packaging with a postal feel is currently trending. The reason for this may be the nostalgic sensation of receiving something in wrapped in brown paper and string. Apparently, Maria, the nun-turned-singer in The Sound of Music, was correct that packages like these are many people’s “favorite things.”

Globally, says market research company Mintel, consumers equate high-quality packaging with product worth. The company adds that unique packaging sets a product apart and supports brand identity, meaning that packaging structures must remain excellent.

Another add-on will make your product “smart.” Yes, that kind of smart. More and more food packaging includes a SmartLabel which is simply QR code on the product container that enables buyers to collect more information about the product by using their smartphone.

Viking Masek predicts transparent windows in food packaging will continue to be important for consumers. The ability to see the contents of the package is a visual opportunity to judge the freshness of the product inside. Purchasers remain intent on knowing there are no surprises inside the bag or box they are about to buy.

Sustainability is still high on the list of must-haves for industries that require packaging and disposable bags, cups, and containers. Innovations abound in the green and environmentally responsible packaging arena. Producers of single-serving products are reducing waste by creating “environmentally sustainable packaging materials.” While doing so, manufacturers are also striving to decrease the cost of sustainable materials.

Brandmanaging.com explains that e-commerce is changing the rules in the area of shipping products to customers and businesses. Distribution will have to adapt to a one-size-fits-all model to allow for standard shipping strategies and a more streamlined delivery process.

Keeping up with the ever-changing marketing/branding/packaging realm can be difficult. It is important for business owners to trust their vendors and build a relationship with manufacturers who make their customers happy.  Kent Paper is that company.