2 amazing email automation funnels that drive conversions

Driving conversions is the main goal of any email marketing campaign.

With email automation and the funnels that can be developed through it, driving those conversions becomes much easier.

But that’s only if you understand what types of funnels can and will actually convert.

To help you gain a better grasp of this, let’s take a deeper look at two of the highest converting email automation funnels.

  1. The Welcome Email Sequence

Historically, welcome emails have been proven to be incredibly effective when it comes to driving conversions.

In fact, welcome emails contribute 320% more revenue per email than promotional emails.

And this makes sense. When you’re sending a welcome email, you’re fresh in the mind of your new subscriber and they’ve just recently said “yes” to your brand by signing up for your list.

Unfortunately, far too many brands ignore the conversion potential of the initial email. They send a simple, “thank you for subscribing,” and go on their way.

To maximize the potential of initial contact with new subscribers, create a welcome sequence that provides real value and encourages new subscribers to take further action and revisit your site.

Use email automation to personalize your messages and further increase the potential for immediate engagement.

With the potential that welcome emails provide, it’s important that you don’t miss out on what might be your best opportunity to drive a conversion.

  1. The Re-Engagement Sequence

Approximately 50% of an average email list is inactive. By inactive, we’re talking about subscribers that haven’t opened, responded to, or even clicked on any email from you in the past 6 months.

Regardless of your list size, that’s a HUGE number of subscribers that are currently disengaged with your brand.

Now obviously, having this many inactive subscribers is providing no value to you or them. But that doesn’t mean you should simply move on and delete them from your list altogether.

As brands like ConversionLab have proven, you can use email automation, such as Campaign Monitor, to convert lost website visitors and disengaged subscribers.

A strategy that can often work in this situation is segmenting your list to target these inactive subscribers and creating a re-engagement sequence designed to get them involved with your brand again.

The steps to creating this sequence work like this:

  1. Segment Your List. Don’t just segment into a large pile of inactive subscribers. Once you know who your disengaged subscribers are, segment them further based on their past interests and interactions with your brand.
  2. Wake Them Up with Personalization. Use data to determine the best way to capture the attention of your segmented lists. Get creative and be sure that all re-engagement emails feature bold subject lines and high-quality offers.
  3. Segment the Re-Engaged. For those that re-engage, segment them into a new list and further develop a sequence that coincides with their reasoning for re-engaging.
  4. Develop an Exit Email for Others. Your re-engagement sequence obviously won’t work on everyone. For those that it doesn’t work on, create an exit email that serves as a last-ditch effort.

The fact that subscribers decided to join your email list in the first place means they have at least some interest in your brand.

By using email automation tools and creating a funnel to re-engage, you can put yourself in the best position to get them back to that action-taking state.

Use These Email Automation Funnels to Drive Conversions

Take advantage of the power of email automation funnels to maximize your conversions.

If you do, the potential reward is huge.