£1,000 up for grabs with Plastic – Free July ‘Hidden Copy Competition’

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Readers across the globe are being given the chance to win a whopping £1,000 cash prize thanks to a content competition launched by start-up copywriting firm, Copy Generators.

The Manchester-based firm has partnered with a secret e-commerce firm to hide a professionally written piece of content on their website for competition entrants to locate.

Designed to raise awareness of how professionally written copy can connect brands with their target audience and build up trust, the competition is the first of its kind in the UK and has been launched to coincide with Plastic-Free July.

Copy Generators will work with the secret host to monitor changes in website traffic, search terms, social followings and google rankings as a result of the competition.

Mitchel White, founder at Copy Generators said: “As a firm we believe in professionally written copy and we’re all about educating others on the power of it too.

“We wanted a way to show brands how professional copy helps to put businesses at the forefront of people’s mind, whilst also giving consumers a little treat in return, so we came up with a fun cash prize competition.”

From Wednesday 1st July until Sunday 5th July, clues will be released across Copy Generator’s social media platforms to help entrants with their search for the hidden piece of content.

Each clue has been created to utilise the power of SEO ensuring that entrants can locate the copy by the end of the week if not before.

However, the race is on as each day the amount up for grabs reduces by £100, which the firm will donate to charitable organisation, Save the Children after the closing date on Monday 6th July.

Mitchel added: “Because we also believe in charitable giving, we’ve structured our prize model to allow charities to benefit too. For every day that goes by where someone hasn’t located the copy, we’ll reduce the prize amount by £100 and donate it to Save the Children.”

Entrants will know when they’ve located the blog as the firm has hidden a message in the form of ‘WIN WIN’ somewhere in the copy.

The lucky winner will be the first to copy the link, send it to the email address listed on the competition entry site and share on social media as ‘I’m a Copy Generators Hidden Copy Winner’ tagging in Copy Generators, the mystery host and the link to the blog.

To view the full terms and conditions and how to enter, please visit https://copygenerators.com/copy-generator-life/hidden-copy-c…