Guide to Insuring Your Fleet

As any business owner will tell you, insurance is one of the most important expenses each year.

It can seem like throwing money down the drain to some, but it’s only once you consider the repercussions of losing out on your essential assets that you realise how dangerous it is to risk going without insurance.

Fleet owners need insurance, it’s the law. Without having adequate insurance in place you quite simply cannot drive on the roads. We’re always looking to get the best deals on our motoring insurance in an attempt to keep costs down, without compromising on the level of cover and Track Compare can be a great help in that respect, helping you to find the very best policy to meet your requirements so you can get out on the road.

Fleet insurance offers a significantly wider range of benefits in comparison to your traditional forms of insurance, one of which is that you can cover all of the vehicles under one overall policy. This saves you having to get quotes and prices for each vehicle in the fleet and the subsequent paperwork that accompanies it.

You can also cover the various kinds of vehicles in your fleet in that one policy. A delivery company might have vehicles ranging from scooters and motorcycles up to small vans and HGVs depending on the type of deliveries they’re making, so it’s good to know that separate policies aren’t required for the various vehicles.

There are a number of measures you can implement to help reduce the overall cost of your fleet insurance, one of which being the installation of specialist tracking software. Working by taking a signal from a satellite and using GPS technology, the tracking devices can be activated and will send an alert to the police to inform them that the vehicle has been stolen, making it much easier for them to locate the vehicle.

Insurance companies will look upon this measure favourably, appreciating that you’re doing everything within your power to prevent damage or theft involving your vehicles and the premiums will come down as a result, making a tracking device a highly cost-effective investment.

Essentially, fleet insurance makes things much simpler, especially from an administrative point of view.