Disruptive legal start-up, CaseHub, founded by teen grad raises seed round

CaseHub was incubated by the pre-seed accelerator Entrepreneur First (EF). Other investors joining Downing Ventures in the round include Doug Scott’s angel syndicate Potential UK and other angel investors.

CaseHub has built a platform to facilitate class action legal battles which will launch late this summer. Individuals have historically been unable to challenge large organisations because of high barriers to entry in going to court: money, knowledge and psychological costs. Class actions are one way to get around this, in which a group of people sue together in one legal claim, but these have not truly developed yet in the UK. CaseHub aims to change this. By aggregating a crowd of eligible claimants together, CaseHub will be able to secure redress for millions of people across a spectrum of public interest cases.

Michael Green, founder of CaseHub says: “I am honoured to be working with Downing Ventures, who are breathing life into an ambitious project that has at its heart a real social good.”

CaseHub’s first case is aimed at rogue parking fine collectors. Called ChallengetheFine, when it launches it stands to be the largest consumer lawsuit in English legal history. The case is a group legal battle against the DVLA and certain parking firms. CaseHub has mobilised over 21,000 claimants who are waiting to join the case for compensation and redress when the platform launches.

Matt Penneycard, Head of Downing Ventures says: “We are very proud to be adding CaseHub to the Downing Ventures portfolio. It is transforming a large and well established industry and is led by a very talented founder.”

Matt Clifford, co-founder of EF says: “We are really excited to be investing in CaseHub alongside Downing Ventures. It has been great to follow CaseHub’s progress right from the beginning; from its creation at EF through to growing and raising this round. Michael and the team at CaseHub are really changing the way that we think about class action lawsuits by helping to make big legal battles affordable for everyday consumers.”