British business raises over half a million pounds in crowdfunding success


The campaign launched at the end of January and surpassed their already ambitious target by an incredible 1,288 per cent. 

The campaign allowed Uuni to launch Uuni Pro, the world’s first quad-fuelled outdoor oven, to the market.  The new product was snapped up by more than 1180 individuals from all over the world.  Backers will receive their Uuni Pro along with a wood pellet burner unit, wood and charcoal burner, Uuni Pro windowed door, Uuni Pro pizza door and the Uuni Pro t-shirt in July, when the much anticipated product will be officially launched to the market and be available on the brand’s website. 

Uuni is a family-run business, based just outside of Edinburgh. Founded by husband and wife team Kristian Tapaninaho and Darina Garland, the first Uuni outdoor oven was launched in 2013 and since then, a programme of innovative product development has allowed for the launch of Uuni 2S, the brand new Uuni 3, which launched on 1st March 2017, and the upcoming Uuni Pro.

Uuni Pro is the world’s first quad-fuelled outdoor oven – capable of running on pellets, wood, charcoal and gas. This brand new core product release is set to advance Uuni’s mission to revolutionise the global outdoor cooking landscape. With the same phenomenal speed and heat as the previous Uuni model, Uuni Pro reaches temperatures of up to 500˚C in 15 minutes, and can cook Neapolitan pizzas in an incredible 60 seconds.

Finnish-born founder and designer Kristian Tapaninaho said; “We have been absolutely blown away by the response and enthusiasm for Uuni Pro. We’re a family-run company with big ambition and it’s with the help of platforms like Indiegogo that we get to showcase our new products to our ever-growing community and be given the opportunity to spread the word, welcoming new Uuni fans to our channels.”

The impressive Indiegogo campaign follows a successful and award-winning 2016 for the brand, having achieved 340 per cent growth, preceded by 235 per cent growth in 2015, a trajectory which looks set to continue in 2017. Tens of thousands of the company’s portable wood-fired ovens have been sold to over 60 countries since the first product launched to market in 2013. Uuni has built a brilliant reputation for innovation as well as engaging a worldwide community of outdoor cooking enthusiasts and providing excellent customer service.

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